March 26, 2007

SNL - Peyton's United Way Spoof

Before this gets taken down by the NBC honchos, you gotta take a look at this hilarious video from SNL on Saturday with Peyton Manning working with United Way kids. A total spoof on the feel-good stuff that airs every game. Say what you will about him being a jerk after losses, but he is a pretty good comic actor in his SNL skits and Mastercard commercials. I still hate the family though.

2 Responses:

J-Red said...

Don't be a snitch. I'm not saying I ever killed a snitch, but I'm not saying I haven't either.

Jeremy said...

There are so many good lines. When he comes up to the line of scrimmage and starts checking off and audibleing like he does every game and then throws a hard spiral at the kid 3 yards away and screams at him for not catching it. It's just fantastic all around.