March 27, 2007

Ravens Owner Bisciotti Speaks Out

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti had a rare Q&A; with the Baltimore Sun published today. It's important for Redskins' fans to read what it's like to have quality ownership and management.

Link here.

2 Responses:

Jeremy said...

Dan Snyder gave a good interview to Washingtonian Magazine about two months ago and talked about how much losing eats him up inside, but if that's really the case, I don't understand why he can't stop surrounding himself by a bunch of yes-men and people who are incompetent at cap management and player personnel moves (SEE: Cerrato, Vinny). I really think Dan Snyder means well but he just continually fails to surround himself by the wrong people and fails to realize that Redskin fans care for a winning team on the field, even if that team is made up of a bunch of no-names, rather than seeing a few big name free agents come in who destroy team chemistry and have trouble adapting to a new system (SEE: Lloyd, Brandon; Archuleta, Adam).

Speaking of the Ravens, I had a long discussion with the fiancees' brother who is a diehard Ravens season ticket holder about McGahee's effectiveness this upcoming season. He believes that with a better QB and a better OL than he had in Buffalo, McGahee will be a big playmaker. I'll concede any day of the week that McNair last year was light years ahead of J.P. Losman (J-Red's boy from Tulane), but the loss of Mulitalo is really, really going to hurt.

J-Red said...

First of all I never liked Losman. I think Shaun Hill may retain the mantle of best Tulane QB.

Second, I agree that McGahee will not be a superstar at RB for the Ravens. I do think he'll come closer to the 4ypc average Jamal used to have. My personal hope is that McGahee and Musa Smith can combo and Musa can get a healthy season in.

As for Mulitalo, I'm just hoping guards really are overrated. Adam Terry is going to have to lockdown that RT spot or Mulitalo's loss will be noticed.

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