March 28, 2007

Broncos Sign Bly - Deal to Skins Dead?

It was supposed to be a three-way deal. The Broncos were supposed to trade Tatum Bell to the Lions in exchange for Dre Bly, and the Skins were supposed to deal some of those pesky draft picks to the Broncos to have the rights to sign Bly.

Now we see that the Donks have signed Bly.

Does this mean the Washington trade is off? Or does it mean the Donks, who originally were unwilling to pay Bly what he wanted, have signed Bly to the deal that the Skins wanted? It could be an NBA sign-and-trade deal.

It's really too bad. Bly, who is VASTLY overrated as a cover corner, would have fit in great with the Gregg Williams defensive backfield, which features malcontents such as Omar Stoutmire, Sean Taylor, Carlos Rodgers, Fred Smoot, and Shawn Springs.

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