March 31, 2007

OSU-Georgetown Official Game Analysis

After tens of hours of analysis, including my own proprietary models for predicting with total accuracy the outcome of NCAA games, I am proud to present the offical ECB game prediction for tomorrow's OSU-Georgetown National Semifinal:
That's right! Even Sammy Hagar agrees: I CAN'T DRIVE ON 55! He also might want to get that neck checked out. Lay the point! ECB guarantees* the game will not end in a tie!

As for the other National Semifinal game, between reigning National Champion Florida and UCLA, ECB has no comment. UCLA only played one game of interest, back on February 10th against WVU. The Georgia Tech game was on a neutral court and the Michigan game wasn't even forced upon the detainees at Gitmo. All their other games were against non-Eastern Time Zone opponents. I'll try to track down one of my left coast friends to provide some commentary if I can drag one off the beach long enough.

*Guarantee has no cash value whatsoever. The author merely puts his reputation on the line, for whatever that's worth.

2 Responses:

Brien said...

I took GTown -1 and FL -3.5

Chalk has won the whole tournament and I don't think tonight will be any different.

J-Red said...

Everything I've read indicates that Georgetown is too much for OSU and that Florida is way too much for UCLA. For the sake of my brackets, I'm hoping both are wrong. I'm not too optimistic though.

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