March 27, 2007

Idol Recap... and 100th POST!!

Mazel tov J-Red and Brien, we've made it to 100 posts, and we're a month old!

Anyway, as seems to be my job, Idol recap...

General thoughts:
Paula was very lucid for her... is there a requirement that one out of every five A.I. attendees carry a cheezy sign... shout out to local Provident Bank with their employees making up the Lakisha fan section... no homosexual tension between Ryan and Simon tonight was refreshing... the fiancee notes that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's children are going to be the most attractive kids on the face of the earth.

Gina - She's my girl. I don't care what anybody else says, I love her, I think her vocals are fantastic, I like her spirit. She showed that she's got some vocal chops tonight.

Melinda - Didn't like the song, but she's just a tremendous singer. I can't get over the troll look though. And the whole wide-eyed surprise thing is getting a little old. Like we all know you're nervous about comments, but you should know by now that the judges love you, so lose the daffy gap-toothed smile thing when you hear the good news from them.

Phil - He took a HUGE risk with Every Breath You Take, and hit it out of the park. Now if only he could do something about the alien look.

Jordin - I think she's our eventual winner. Didn't like the song tonight, saw a different pop look from her, but thought she relied too much on her backup singers. She's cute, has range, is non-threatening, and dad suffered through years with the Bidwell Cardinals organization. She's due. I really see her doing well.

Lakisha - Again, not a song I particularly like, but her vocals are just so strong. But the thing is I don't think she'll win because I don't see America really attaching or relating to her. I see her coming in 2nd or 3rd and then having a more successful career than the winner in releasing her own R&B or gospel records and not indentured to the Idol industry.

Blake- I really wanted to strangle Paula when she talked about his supposed originality. Um, Ms. Abdul, 311 did that really piss-poor cover of a most classic Cure song a few years ago. Blake did not invent that arrangment. I know one Ms. Bohlinger was probably throwing stuff at her TV during that song.

Sanjaya - Horrific. Everything about him and his performance was horrific. The fact that he is still on this show proves that something is seriously wrong with the democratic process. Simon came about as close as he could to telling him that he just flat-out doesn't belong on this show anymore. Scary, scary guy, but the thing that's smart about him is that I think he knows why he's still there, he knows the judges hate him, and he just doesn't give a damn.

Haley - I think she's probably the 5th or 6th best singer left, but I think that she's falling victim to Stephanie syndrome of being good, but being overshadowed by other strong female singers. I thought her rendition of True Colors was pretty good though.

Chris S. - He's just getting tired. It shows. He doesn't have the same energy. He doesn't look like he's having fun. He got stripped down by the judges tonight pretty good. I don't think his mea culpa at the end will cut it.

Chris R. - Wow, I totally disagree with the judges tonight. He can turn any great song into a Justin Timberlake sounding turd. His act is getting really tired. He strikes me as hardcore trailer trash, probably bolstered by seeing his dad that one evening. I think his base is shrinking, and I really thought he turned in a stinker with a dreadful rendition of "Don't Speak"

5 Responses:

Brien said...

My thoughts:

Chris Richardson: Terrible. The whole night when they were talking to Gwen Stefani and singing No Doubt songs, I was hoping that someone would do "Don't Speak." It's by far my favorite No Doubt song, even though it's a bit girly. The best part about the song is how it starts all slow and then builds into a real rock power ballad. Chris sang it almost like a Motown song. The effect was to water down the song and take away the power of the end. It didn't help that Gwen sings it like a woman scorned and Chris sang it like a woman, but with no emotion whatsoever.

Blake Lewis: I thought he figured that since none of the judges knew "All Mixed Up" that he could get away with blatantly ripping off 311's cover of "Love Song" without anyone commenting on it (he was right). It wasn't good for the same reason Chris R.'s performance wasn't good: not enough emotion. Both of those songs are supposed to be full of angst, but they sing the song with a shit-eating grin on their face the whole time. That said, Blake definitely is the best guy left.

Phil Stacey: I actually really liked his performance, if he can keep doing that every week, he'll pass Blake easily.

Chris Sligh: I think America collectively realized tonight that he's not really all that funny and he can't sing very well.

Sanjaya: It was actually my favorite performance of his all season. I still didn't like it, but it was better than the rest of the crap he's sang.

Lakisha: Not my favorite performance of hers by far, I think she's going to need to knock one of these out of the park in the next couple of weeks to make everyone remember why she was the early favorite.

Jordin: I thought it was awful. But she's still a good singer and she'll be around till the end.

Melinda: It was alright, didn't blow me out of the water, but pretty good.

Haley: Better than she's done the past few weeks, but she's just not good enough to compete with the top 3 girls (see above).

Gina: Easily her best performance of the competition. I really liked it.

I loved that Gwen Stefani criticized the singers when she was introducing them. Too often the celebrity coach is just another Paula, lavishing praise on everyone from Lakisha to Sanjaya.

Can we all agree that Gwen looks far better with less makeup on?

J-Red said...

I never found Gwen very hot til last night, and I've now known who she is for about 10 years. No makeup for her ever again!

Sligh sucked. He knew he sucked too. He was so ahead or behind the song that his facial expression actually started looking strained by the end of the song. Then, no snappy comebacks at all? He just wanted off the stage.

Phil ruled. LaKisha and Melinda kind of phoned it in, considering they could have done any Whitney song in the book. I thought Blake sucked, but mostly because that song is too Cure for anyone else to do. Chris Richardson definitely botched a lyric and had trouble remembering others which resulted in quiet voice.

Gina Glockenspiel, I admit, did well and definitely deserves another week.

I'm done commenting on Sanjaya because he's in the top 4. My biggest fear is that he starts actually getting better.

Jordin kind of sucked, and looked uncomfortable. Haley is blah.

My predicted bottom three would be: LaKisha, Sligh and Chris R.

DialIdol's predicted bottom three are: Jordin, Haley and Sligh, all separated by less than .06 (for perspective Doolittle's score is 19.23 and Sligh's is 9.01)

DialIdol has NOT been accurate this season however, in predicting the bottom of the list (due to the fundamental flaw of measuring popularity via busy signal). That being said, only Doolittle, Chris R., LaKisha, and Sanjaya are definitely safe.

Brien said...

Care to restate your bottom three? You have Lakisha in the bottom three and then also say she's safe.

J-Red said...

Nope. My predicted bottom three is LaKisha, Sligh, and Chris R. DialIdol has LaKisha and Chris R. as safe, but DialIdol had Sanjaya as safe when he was in the bottom three in the Round of 12.

So I am sticking by my predictions despite DialIdol.

J-Red said...

I should have said "...are definitely safe according to DialIdol."

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