March 29, 2007

Required Reading

  • Check out CNNSI for a very Carlinesque take from Frank Deford on some sports cliches that need to be retired.

  • Unless Trump's designated wrestler defeats McMahon's designated wrestler on Saturday, Trump's hair will pay the price. That is, assuming Trump's hair doesn't put up a fight of its own.

  • The Washington Post reports that Joe Gibbs said that a trade for Lance Briggs is not imminent, and that the Skins are interested in trading up. Perhaps those JeMarcus Russell rumors had some substance. Shouldn't Gibbs have checked with his GM before making statements?

  • DeadSpin found out that the SID at the College of Southern Idaho asks some very interesting questions of their softball players.

  • SportsPickle, as always, has exclusive scoops on huge stories. Donovan to leave Florida for somewhere he can win a national championship. Texans upset to find out that Schaub really is worse than Michael Vick. Mets' P Oliver Perez' white line superstition now includes the rubber as well as the foul lines.

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