March 26, 2007

Gilbert Arenas Bet on His Own Team!

And yet, no lifetime ban. By now most people have heard that Gilbert Arenas admitted to betting two fans $10 that he would make the game-winning shot in the Wizards' close loss in Portland last week. He actually did take a potential game winning shot, but he missed it short.

It might seem a bit trifling to make a big stink about $20 (1.3 x 10^-4% of Gil's income), but it actually could be an issue. I haven't seen the game-ending sequence, but suppose Gilbert passed on a shooter in a better position so that he'd have the opportunity to take the last shot. Obviously he wouldn't do this for the cash, but it would make a great story for his blog if he had made the bet and won. It would be the equivalent of calling his own shot. A real cynic might even question whether Gilbert kept the Wizards slightly behind late in the game.

Since Agent Zero has made his new-found notoriety by being "quirky", such a story would have only increased his notoriety. He certainly didn't put himself in a good position.

3 Responses:

Anonymous said...


As I posted several weeks ago, it is evident now to everyone how overrated the ACC is.

0 final four teams for the second straight year.

1 Sweet 16 team this year. 1!!! It just goes to show you how overrated the Terps were. Va Tech and UVA?? What a joke.

Duke stinks, Maryland stinks, UNC was way overrated, as was Va Tech, BC and UVA.

Time to put to bed all the ACC koolaid drinkers. The run is over. It has been ever since Battier left. The Big East, Big Ten, Pac 10 and Big Twelve are all better conferences than the ACC.

Deal with it.


J-Red said...

I wouldn't bother responding to this except that you baited me with the Battier comment. Expansion, maybe, but there's no way Battier watered down the ACC.

Every conference has its ups and downs. I think the ACC has been especially hurt by the NBA's new one-and-done rule because most ACC teams have too much depth to allow a freshman to come in and be spectacular for a year and then move on. UNC was the only team in a position to showcase young NBA talent in the ACC this year.

Brien said...

I have a real hard time getting too outraged over this. It'd tough to imagine Arenas changing the way he played the game because he had a $20 bet on his performance.

So what team does TIMMMAAAYYY like? I thought he was a Miami fan, then I thought a Duke fan, now apparently he likes every team in the Big Least, Big 11, Pac 10, and Big XII (who doesn't have a team in the Final Four either, BTW). Sure it's been 2 years since the ACC had a team in the Final Four, but the ACC has still won 3 of the past 6 National Championships (Duke-2001, Maryland-2002, UNC-2005).

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