October 26, 2009

Redskins Head Coach Zorn Is Demoralized and Must Be Fired

I don't think Jim Zorn reacted the way Vinny Cerrato, Danny Snyder and the Redskins had hoped. The team said all the right things after Zorn was named the "head coach for this year, maybe longer", but his demeanor reveals that his reprieve is not appreciated.

In tonight's game against Philadelphia, Zorn spent most of the game looking defeated. He moped a bit. Major game-changing events like penalties assessed against the wrong team and turnovers did not seem to faze him. Perhaps he was staying medium, but realistically Zorn has checked out.

The Washington Post said it best. If the Skins turn it around, people will give credit to the new playcaller. If the Skins continue to fail, they'll blame Zorn and not the offensive line. There is no scenario in which the Redskins can improve as the season progresses and Zorn can take some credit in it. He's a lame duck, and Portis and crew know it.

They've lost Portis, as evidenced by his body language tonight. They'll lose the rest soon.

And Jon Gruden should be corrected on air for these two comments:

"Randle-El is one of the more sure-handed punt returners in the league."

"There's no question Fred Davis is an outstanding pass receiver."

8 Responses:

Anonymous said...

What do you mean fire Zorn! Are you an idiot!!! Zorn cannot snap a football, catch a football and play defense against the eagles...and NOW he can't even call plays! I watched the skins all season long and today I found the answer...BLAME THE PLAYERS...FIRE VINNY!

jdp said...

Amen to what Anonymous said. Vinny out, and if that doesn't work, Snyder out.

"ben" said...

J-Red: I'm past the need to fire Zorn until the end of the year. The season is lost, regardless. Fire him now or later, it's no difference.

Anon: What. Are. You. Talking. About. Just because there's lots of blame to go around does not also exempt Zorn.

JDP: If you figure out how to get rid of Snyder, more power to you.

my92agsr said...

Fred davis IS an excellent pass receiver you dope. He sucks at blocking, not receiving. He was skins leading receiver, and with Cooley injured, watch him lead the team in receptions

Nikhil Verma said...

As a coach myself (albeit on a much lower level than Zorn), I agree with J-Red for this reason. Once your authority as coach has been undermined by management, your ability to do your job is compromised. You can't continue in your job because everyone knows you are a joke.

Jason is not saying that Snyder, Vinny, and the players are not to blame. He isn't saying Zorn is the ONLY issue. But Zorn needs to go because it is obvious ownership and management has no confidence in him.

J-Red said...

Fred Davis had great hands at USC. He dropped a TD pass in the 4th quarter last night, and did this at the NFL Combine:

The downside for Fred Davis so far has been the NFL Combine. He showed his strength in the bench press. Davis "struggled mightily in drills." Fred "dropped several passes" at the NFL Combine. Davis "elected not to run the 40-yard dash" according to NFLdraftscout.com. His poor outing at the NFL combine caused his stock to fall for the upcoming 2008 NFL draft. A great workout at his Pro Day could cause his stock to move back up.

Davis was only targeted 10 times last year, with 3 receptions.

J-Red said...

And other comments are correct. I don't have any reason to believe firing Jim Zorn will help anything at all. He definitely is not the problem.

But, he HAS to be fired now. His body language and demeanor is sending the message that he has checked out. You can't evaluate a group of unmotivated players and have any real appraisal of what you already have on hand. How can you rebuild if you don't even know what tools you already possess? This team is on the verge of quitting, and that will have ramifications beyond this season.

Zorn MUST be fired.

"ben" said...

"His body language and demeanor is sending the message that he has checked out. You can't evaluate a group of unmotivated players and have any real appraisal of what you already have on hand."

Agreed, but does firing Zorn fix that problem? Who becomes HC, Blatche? Sherm Lewis? I don't think there is any way to motivate the team.

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