December 5, 2009

College Football Picks - Championship Week

Better than late than never, here are my picks for this week's huge games, sure to be wrong:

Cincinnati (-2) over PITTSBURGH - I'm expecting a close game, but I've had the Bearcats as my Big East Champs since the start of the season, and there's no reason to change now.

Houston (-2.5) over ECU - Skip Holtz has a good team, but Houston has played up to their opposition all year, beating Texas Tech, Ok State, and Miss St. I think they'll be up for this one as well.

ALABAMA (+5.5) over Florida - Yeah, I'll take the points with Saban playing the same team in the championship game for the second straight year. The Florida offense hasn't impressed all year against good teams, and Bama has just enough offense to win this game.

CLEMSON (pk) over Georgia Tech - I hate saying this, but Clemson is probably the better team right now. Nesbitt is not 100%, the Tech defense has been wretched against good teams all year, and it took a bunch of lucky, trick plays for Tech to win at home earlier in the year.

NEBRASKA (+14) over Texas - The Huskers defense has kept them in games all year, and when your front four can control the other team's line, things start happening for you. Plus the inept Nebraska offense just watched a .500 Aggies team pick apart the vaunted Texas defense, so there should be some lessons learned there. I'm expecting a low-scoring game, that stays close at least for a while.

Enjoy the games, and GO JACKETS!

2 Responses:

gpb said...

Worst part about losing the ACC championship means that you are likely to go to Nashville as all the higher bowls have fulfilled their requirements to take the best team and can freely pick anyone. Disappointing to say the least if it happens.

gpb said...


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