December 24, 2009

Week 16 NFL Against the Spread Picks

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Jason (34-41-0)
I guess 3-2 counts as a good week these days.

Kansas City (+14) over CINCINNATI - I think the Bengals are still trying to recapture their early season magic, and KC has been very successful against the AFC North.

NEW ORLEANS (-14) over Tampa Bay - Now that the Saints have lost, I think they want to dispatch TB and secure home field.

MIAMI (-3) over Houston - Miami still has playoff hopes and Houston is as inconsistent as ever.

PHILADELPHIA (-7) over Denver - Philly is clicking and Denver is slipping fast.

Baltimore (+2.5) over PITTSBURGH - My fellow Ravens fans fear Pittsburgh more than anyone, but I don't think Pittsburgh is cohesive right now. When your coach promises to "unleash hell" and then loses to Oakland, it's safe to assume he can't motivate the team.

Jeremy (32-43-0)
Good luck to Brien who knocked me out of the playoffs in our fantasy football league last week. And screw you, Brett Favre, for that abysmal performance against Carolina.

San Diego (+3) over TENNESSEE - Not so sure I understand this line aside from the short week and travel adding up to trouble for the Chargers. Maybe because they've essentially clinched the first round bye?

INDIANAPOLIS (-5) over New York Jets - The Colts are motivated for 16-0 right now. Trust me. They're not ready to rest just yet. Maybe next week.

Tampa Bay (+14) over NEW ORLEANS - Saints will win, no question. Just not willing to pick them to cover 14 against an improving Bucs team.

Baltimore (+2) over PITTSBURGH - Granted, it was Detroit and Chicago, but the Ravens are on a real roll, are playing great ball and can more or less lock up a playoff spot.

PHILADELPHIA (-7) over Denver - The Linc isn't an easy place to play in December and the Broncos are swooning.

Magic 8 Ball (34-41-0)

TENNESSEE (-3) over San Diego - "My sources say yes." (Titans will beat the spread)
New York Jets (+5) over INDIANAPOLIS - "No." (Colts won't beat the spread)
Tampa Bay (+14) over NEW ORLEANS - "Don't count on it." (Saints won't beat the spread)
Baltimore (+2) over PITTSBURGH - "My answer is no." (Steelers won't beat the spread)
PHILADELPHIA (-7) over Denver - "Signs point to yes." (Eagles will beat the spread)

Brien and Russell are taking the week off to reassess their lives and wives.


Jason: BAL, KC, MIA, NO, PHI
Jeremy: BAL, IND, PHI, SD, TB

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