January 9, 2010

Pete Carroll to Seattle Spells Trouble for USC

This time there weren't any rumors. USC just punished itself for Jared Mayo and the football team was basking in the glow of making up for yet another disappointing season with a bowl victory. But a team finally pulled Pete Carroll away from the land of milk and honey. Why now?

I suspect the other shoe is about to drop at USC. Remember that the Reggie Bush loan issue is still unresolved. Too many shady characters passed through on Carroll's watch, and I think the NCAA is about to drop the hammer. Whether his OC comes with him will be telling.

There seems to be a rotation in college football the past decade. First, Miami couldn't help but get all the recruits. Then it was USC. Now it is Florida. Perhaps Alabama is next. Miami and USC couldn't stay clean. Can Florida?

1 Responses:

gpb said...

And now Kiffin to USC. I wonder how this will go.

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