January 4, 2010

NFL's Most Annoying Fans - The Wildcard Winners and Playoff Brackets

Continuing our season-long running feature at ECB, we've beeb rating NFL Fanbases by annoyingness and picking a winner for each division. So far we have made our way through all of the divisions and given you the AFC West, the NFC West, the AFC South, the NFC South, the AFC North, the NFC North, the AFC East, and the NFC East. The Raiders, Cardinals, Jaguars, Panthers, Ravens, Packers, Patriots, and Cowboys fans have "won" their division as the most annoying fans in their division? Now that the playoffs are upon us, it's time to name our wildcard winners!

Because we at ECB don't believe in democracy, we've taken the liberty of reviewing the comments of prior writeups, have conferred amongst ourselves, and are proud to present you with the wildcard winners from each conference.

The National Football Conference

We said frequently during our writeups that the NFC East fanbases could very well finish 1 through 4 in annoyingness if all 32 teams were ranked. There was no dissent in the comments. Therefore, we congratulate the following two fanbases for earning wildcard spots:

First wildcard - Philadelphia Eagles

And this is why there is a jail at the Linc.

Second wildcard - Washington Redskins

Sure, some other fanbases send tens of thousands of fans to Canton to watch a member of their team being inducted into the NFL Football Hall of Fame. How many other fanbases give that member of their team a four-minute long standing ovation? Why don't you ponder that while watching the video above. You'll have four minutes to think about it. Bitter about the fact that Redskins fans are considered "bad fans"? Maybe.

The American Football Conference

There was much more rancor amongst ourselves and amongst our commenters with regard to two divisions... the AFC North and the AFC East. The AFC South and the AFC West division "winners" are the equivalent of the 8-8 teams that end up with home playoff games simply because their division was so weak somebody had to win. The AFC wildcard spots go as follows:

First wildcard - Pittsburgh Steelers

Because 99% of the rest of the football watching world looks at this video and thinks, "Dude, what an ass." And 99% of Steelers fans look at this video and think, "Dude, that guy is awesome!!! Wait, is that my brother?"

Second wildcard - New York Jets

Because you are the equivalent of Yankees fans (true Yankee fans from New York, not bandwagon Yankee fans from Tampa) in the NFL. Loud, boorish, and you spread like cockroaches into opposing stadiums. And because you can never post this video enough.

Much like the NFL Playoffs, the division winners are seeded 1 through 4 and the wildcard winners are seeded in order 5 and 6...

Dallas Cowboys
Green Bay Packers
Arizona Cardinals
Carolina Panthers
Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins

New England Patriots
Oakland Raiders
Baltimore Ravens
Jacksonville Jaguars
Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Jets

This week's Divisional Round Matchups to be posted later this week:

Arizona Cardinals fans vs. Washington Redskins fans (3 v. 6)
Carolina Panthers fans vs. Philadelphia Eagles fans (4 v. 5)

Baltimore Ravens fans vs. New York Jets fans (3 v. 6)
Jacksonville Jaguars fans v. Pittsburgh Steelers fans (4 v. 5)

6 Responses:

Anonymous said...

Where is that jail in the linc jackass? Been gone for years!

Jeremy said...

You are correct. The jail was originally installed but was removed in 2005. I guess being equidistant from the 1st and 4th District Philly Police Precincts and related holding cells is good enough for the Linc. Rumor has it that the jail was converted into a "luxury suite" for South Philly trash who didn't know the difference.

Thanks for proving my point as to why Philly deserves a wildcard in this competition. Way to choke the division crown away. I'm sure you made Vince Papale proud.

Anonymous said...

The division crowns gonna mean alot when your eliminated in the first round d*uche bag

J-Red said...

He's a Redskins fan, which just makes your comment funnier.

Anonymous said...

"Thanks for proving my point as to why Philly deserves a wildcard in this competition" Fuck we should win it!

Anonymous said...

As to anonymous. I would like to personally thank you for:

A: Proving my point as to why the Eagle fan base is the most annoying fan base in the NFC East and not the Cowboys

B: Choking away not only the division, but also that bye. Because of that, the Vikes now have the perfect formula to get to the Superbowl

C: Making an asshole out of yourself

AFC Wildcard choices are perfect, but I still feel that there are beter options out there compared to the 'Skins...


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