October 31, 2009

NFL's Most Annoying Fans - NFC South

This is the third in a running feature at ECB. We'll be rating NFL Fanbases by annoyingness and picking a winner for each division. After that, we'll select wild card teams, and have ourselves a little playoff. If you have suggestions for upcoming divisions or wildcard selections, send them to [email protected]. This is thehe latest in our review of the worst fans of each division. So far we have given you the AFC West, the NFC West, and the AFC South. Who will join the Raiders, Cardinals, and Jaguars fans as the most annoying fans in their division? This week we present the NFC South.

New Orleans Saints

Quick Reaction:
Next time you watch a Saints game on TV, look at those folks in the upper deck at the Superdome? They're probably spending almost all of their discretionary income on Saints tickets given how depressed the New Orleans economy has been since Katrina. Still, to these people, season tickets to the Saints = love for their city. These folks are probably among the NFL's best fans.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Quick Reaction:
My friends who have visited games in Tampa tell me that the Buccaneers easily must have one of the highest quotas of hot female fans of any team in the NFL. I couldn't find a picture through Google Images to do justice. But I have on good authority that the article of clothing of choice of many female Buccaneers fan is a halter top jersey. I also have on good authority that most Bucs fans don't come into Raymond James until at least midway through the first quarter. Factors agaisnt most annoying fans, factors for least annoying fans. A toss-up.

Carolina Panthers

Quick Reaction:
Unlike Bucs fans, the redneck quotient of Carolina Panthers fans is one of the highest in the NFL. These fans have run like rats from a sinking ship from their team since recent failure after a trip to the Super Bowl just five years ago. North Carolina is a NASCAR state and a college basketball state. About the only college football team that is very well supported by fans native to the state is NC State. The Panthers are largely ignored now.

Atlanta Falcons

Quick Reaction:
Falcons fans have not truly been tested since the Vick incident, as the team was fortunate enough to stumble upon Matt Ryan. Atlanta fans continue to make the Georgia Dome one of the loudest venues for NFL football and continue to support their team, even buying new jerseys every two years because that's about the schedule the Falcons have seemed to adopt for rolling out new duds. I wish I could fault them for their love of Jerry Glanville and having Hammer on the sidelines back in the 1991 playoffs, but I think the statute of limitations has tolled on that one.

The Big Winner
Carolina Panthers - proving, like Jacksonville, that Paul Tagliabue picked the totally wrong markets to expand into back in the 1990s. Not even two of their cheerleaders being busted for having hot lesbian sex in a bathroom can save the Panthers fans from the dubious honor of being the most annoying fans in the AFC South.

9 Responses:

Curtis Tarver said...

I will say, regarding college football support in NC: You're right about State getting support from in-state fans, but beyond the BCS conferences, ECU and IAA's App State get excellent fan support as well.

J-Red said...

Agreed on ECU and App. St. Even WCU gets good support.

The Panthers' cheerleaders exempt them from any criticism.

gpb said...

I think you also have to consider that a lot of potential Panthers fans just don't care. I grew up in a Duke/UNC household in Winston. Football was not spoken of in my house. I've had zero interest in the Panthers, even when they first showed up. And I really dislike the one Panthers fan I know.

I think Atlanta could be in the running too. Just wait to see if they struggle and watch Atlanta fans do what they do best, stop coming. The only perk of this is that I can go to more Braves games and not deal with all the traffic.

Jeremy said...

Atlanta fans are pretty horrible and always give me faith that somebody will score worse than DC fans in the annual "worst city sports fans" polls that somebody seems to publish. However, even though the Braves can't sell out NLCS games, the Falcons do pretty well. SEC Country.

vitamin a said...

Excellent Article.This article shows how annoying fans are for the NFL. people are really crazy about sports and it shows in the article

Violet said...


Violet said...


Anonymous said...

lol @ Saints fans some of the best. I like how he lists that all the Saints fans in NO are broke and have no money cause of a Hurricane and when they get money, they spend it on nosebleed seats at the Saints game. So let me get this straight, if North Carolina got hit by a hurricane that ruined everything and we spent all our money on football tickets, that would rid us of being annoying fans? I really don't see how just because they're economy is bad, it makes everyone in that stadium really great people. It doesn't, every fan base has these people that make so and so an annoying fan base. You can't call them the best fans ever when they go around screaming "Who Dat" like retards.

Anonymous said...

And another thing, I thought this was a poll about the most annoying fans, not the fans with the worst money problems. Whoever made this poll is a retard.

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