January 8, 2010

NFL’s Most Annoying Fans - Wildcard Round

We’re down to the playoffs for our annoying fan competition.  If you’re new, check out our regular season battles for each division.


Arizona v. Washington

Not even close.  See KSK’s Redskins fan takedown for even more reasons to be annoyed by them. 

redskins tattooThis guy has a tattoo of all the Redskins in the Hall of Fame.  How f-ing stupid and annoying is that?

redskins-69-fanVia Mister Irrelevant, this one speaks for itself.


Also from Mister Irrelevant, even the lady fans are demure and classy.

Carolina v. Philadelphia

I don’t even remember why the Panthers are in the playoffs.  The Eagles skate through on this one. 

eagles_fan_towelIs that supposed to be a toga?  If so, why?  If not, don’t men normally wear towels around their waist?  And not at football games?  Is this a reaction to the Nicolette Sheridan commercial?  Annoying.

eagles_fan_womanAt least it wasn’t her in the towel.  I’m sure she’s yelling encouragement to her own team and not a profanity-laced screed directed towards the opponents.

eagles_tattooeagles_69_fanMore bad ink and 69 jerseys, the hallmarks of annoying fans.


Baltimore v. NY Jets

This one is actually a little tougher.  It was a bit of an upset that the Raiders got the bye over the Ravens, but Jets fans are an annoying bunch themselves.

Purple camo is annoying, but so is Fireman Ed

My proximity to Baltimore and familiarity with Ravens fans may be skewing my opinion, but Ravens fans squeak this one out.


Pictures of these guys are what show up when you search for Ravens fans (all from different sites).  Even if they’re a small minority, the beads, feathers, facepaint, dyed purple facial hair, beanie babies, and pointing at the camera are enough to ruin it for the rest of you.

ravens fan camoMore sad than annoying, this picture from the Ravens official store cracks me up.  For the ladies: Look classy and beautiful in your authentic purple camouflage pants! For the fellas: This hot chick wears purple camo pants, that means she’s probably turned on by guys wearing them!

Ravens fan ravens-fan-pimp ravens fan hat There are just too many, I have to stop myself or this post is going to be 20 pages of silly looking Ravens fans.

Jacksonville v. Pittsburgh

Another easy one.  It was a huge upset when the Steelers lost their division to the Ravens, but they’re poised to make a run through the playoffs.


diehard steelers fanDid someone say disgusting tattoos?  

Steelers bad jersey A Steelers kilt?  Really?  Guys who wear kilts are super annoying to begin with (HEY! LOOK AT ME! I’D LOVE TO HAVE A LONG DISCUSSION WITH YOU ABOUT HOW THIS IS A KILT NOT A SKIRT!  GIVE ME MORE ATTENTION!), but an NFL kilt takes it over the edge.

steelers-fan-hardhatI don’t know if Steelers fans started the “harhat instead of baseball hat” trend, but we’ll give them the lion’s share of the blame for that annoying accessory.  This guy probably works in an office park, but likes to pretend he’s “blue collar” on Sundays.

  If you’re not a parent, at first glance this might not look so bad to you, but that’s a hat the baby is wearing.  Not an outfit or a blanket, a HAT.  You put your newborn in an oversized novelty hat? 

Also, Newborns aren’t supposed to sleep with anything around them, because they can suffocate.  You especially don’t put a pillow under is head, a spit-up cloth near his face, and surround him with rolled up blankets.  Steelers fans are great parents.

Next week: Divisional Round

Dallas Fans v. Washington Fans (1 v. 6)

Green Bay Fans v. Philadelphia Fans (2 v. 5)

New England Fans v. Pittsburgh Fans (1 v. 5)

Oakland Fans v. Baltimore Fans (2 v. 3)

11 Responses:

Jeremy said...

Oh my god... the Redskins-Dallas playoff faceoff. This will be epic. There's no way I could impartially write that one. No way at all.

Somehow I think we may be steamrolling towards an all Pennsylvania championship.

Brien said...

I think we may have to co-author the next round. I can't impartially do Patriots-Steelers.

J-Red said...

You know, with enough pictures I could be convinced that we Ravens fans are more annoying than I thought.

Tim H said...

Ever consider the possibility that the guy in the kilt is a MacLeod? Happens to be the family tartan.

gpb said...

Get Russell to do it. He probably needs a break from looking at data.

Or you could open it up to an audience approach. One thread and the readers comment on their picks. Then you two choose the best ones per game.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I recognize a shriveled up soul when I see one.

Grammy said...

Brien - "My proximity to Baltimore and familiarity with Ravens fans may be skewing my opinion, but Ravens fans squeak this one out."

That's a pretty dangerous comment considering your in-laws are HUGH Ravens fans, as well as your #1 babysitters!!

Grammy said...

OOPS - Sorry Grammy can't spell -- it should be HUGE Ravens fans!

Brien said...

So apparently I should have added "thin skinned" to the reasons Ravens fans are annoying :)

didi said...

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Anonymous said...

It's a sad life to be jealous. Just cuz you don't have a pair to show your colors...don't be busting on the ones that do. Just keep watching your tv and crying how you wish you were as cool as those who represent and really who don't care about the boring life people like you lead.

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