January 19, 2010

A Ravens Fan Response to "United We Stand"

I'm the lone Ravens fan in the mix here. I don't feel any tie to the Colts, but I do feel a tie to Unitas, Donovan, Berry, etc and I definitely spent a lot of time as a kid in Memorial Stadium rooting for the O's. I do not feel like the team, the colors, or the uniform have any emotional impact on me, though.

I do agree about the records though. Until Jeremy vomited this burgundy-and-gold tinged post, in my head the Colts had won one Super Bowl. This does drive home that they do in fact claim Super Bowl V. I guess because I separate the two in my head, I don't think of how the NFL has jobbed us. I know I didn't see a 19 hanging from the rafters in Indy, but that would have pissed me off too.

I think we Baltimore fans (I'm from Salisbury so I can't claim to be a native, but I do live in the city now) are in a tough position. We're accused of having an inferiority complex due to our proximity to Washington, Philadelphia and New York. There's probably some truth to that, even if it is an apples to oranges comparison. We certainly do not feel inferior to Indianapolis, which is, by all accounts, a zit on the ass of America. Still, we feel rightly slighted. The more we draw attention to it, the worse we look. We know that, but we won't let it go.

I think we will have to accept that the Colts' departure and Tagliabue's botching of the situation is akin to the Tuck Rule. We definitely got screwed. The league learned from their mistake and rectified it with the Browns, but they're not sending the Raiders to Super Bowl 36, and they're not giving the honors back to us now. We got gypped by a bad call (which we should be getting used to by now...), and there's no making it right.

I'm 29 years old. I can't pretend to speak for someone who lived and breathed the Colts for decades. I do know, now, that we are going to have to find a way to be reasonable. There is no way that the current Colts meant to reference Unitas with their United We Stand slogan. It was clearly a band-aid over their "bench the starters" gaffe in Week 16.

You know how I know that? The people who fill those seats barely know who Unitas was. It would be a nonsensical campaign. Try to remember that today's 30-year-old was born in 1980. I was, and I didn't even see the connection.

13 Responses:

Anonymous said...

I agree we always end up looking like whiners and losers, so it's time we quit highlighting our failures and instead put our energy towards the Ravens. They certainly are not as good as the Colts - that was just confirmed again - and probably never will be, but they're all we have.

J-Red said...

It's a little extreme to say we'll never be that good. They have a once-in-a-generation quarterback.

falnfenix said...

The league learned from their mistake and rectified it with the Browns

sure, after passing us over for every expansion team known to humankind. we had 3 people willing to pay for a team, but the NFL just wouldn't let us have one. i heard a rumor that the 'Skins owner conspired with the NFL to keep the sport out of Baltimore so he wouldn't lose money. this came from my other half, though, so i don't know how much bullshit that might be. he lived through it all, though - he's 39, and vividly remembers the team skulking off in the middle of the night, as well as the ensuing drama.

i DO wish people would give it a rest, though, since we got our team OVER A DECADE AGO.

falnfenix said...

oh, and let's not forget we had the most successful CFL team to date.

J-Red said...

I meant that they learned not to let a relocating franchise keep all the old records. I guess we'll see though when the Bills, Raiders or Jags move.

Anonymous said...

i unstand where youre coming from but same can be said about cleveland fans. I am a browns fan that lives in bakltimore and as much as you hate indy because of what they took from i feel the same way about the ravens. i know you changed the name and colors of the old browns, and i know twelve years is much longer than 3. im 20 years old and i would say more than half of my friends dont know that the browns were moved from cleveland but every one knows the colts left in the middle of the night

Anonymous said...

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falnfenix said...

ah, i misunderstood where you were going with that.

yes, it does sound like the powers that be in the league learned from that mistake. at least, i hope they did.

NestMinder said...

I was there and I definitely didn't think it was channeling Johhny U. Just fat humps being fat humps.

Not nearly as clever as our "See Joe Throw" signs, but obviously their team backed up their signs MUCH better than ours did.

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