December 4, 2009

NFL Picks - Week 13

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Alright, a tough week for most of us last week. But seriously, not too many football fans (aside from degenerate gamblers) are caring about the lines of this week's games... damn near everybody (aside from maybe one member of our Fantastic Four) is more concerned this weekend with the push for playoff positioning in fantasy football.

Brien (26-33-1)
This is starting to get ugly.

Denver (-4.5) over KANSAS CITY - Arrowhead is normally a tough place to play, but the Chiefs are only 1-4 there this year.

Houston (pk) over JACKSONVILLE - My stay on the Jaguars bandwagon didn't last very long.

San Francisco (pk) over SEATTLE - The Seahawks aren't getting enough credit for really sucking this year. The Rams are hogging the spotlight.

CHICAGO (-9) over St. Louis - Speaking of the Rams...

GREEN BAY (-3) over Baltimore - The Packers are coming off a long rest after playing on Thanksgiving, and the Ravens are coming off a tough, emotional win last Monday.

Jason (28-32-0)

We're painfully far removed from my 5-0 week now.

TORONTO BILLS (+3) over New York Jets - I just can't trust Sanchez on the road any more. Fitzgerald has looked adequate. (editor's note - pick came in pregame on Thursday afternoon)

New Orleans (-9) over WASHINGTON - This line wasn't available when I created my pool at work, and I set it at -14.5. Philly was -9. New Orleans deserves more respect.

New England (-6) over MIAMI - The Patriots have to establish that they belong in the same sentence as the other three elite teams.

Baltimore (+3) over GREEN BAY - Now that the Ravens have signed another fullback, the McClain show can get back on track.

INDIANAPOLIS (-6) over Tennessee - I want to be wrong, Vince.

Jeremy (26-34-0)
Don't look now, but two straight 3-2 weeks.

New Orleans (-9) over WASHINGTON - Marques Colston, Devery Henderson, Robert Meachem, Drew Brees vs. Carlos Rogers, Fred Smoot, Laron Landry. 37 points per game average. This could be 35-0 by halftime.

ATLANTA (+5) over Philadelphia - The Eagles are a dangerous team to pick because you never know which team will show up. The probable loss of DeSean Jackson hurts them pretty badly though.

INDIANAPOLIS (-6) over Tennessee - The whole Vince Young hysteria thing comes to a screeching halt this week.

San Diego (-12) over CLEVELAND - It'll be a cold game for the Chargers, but let's just say I'm really glad to be starting Rivers in fantasy this week.

Baltimore (+3) over GREEN BAY - Against teams with good defensive front 7's, the Packers have had a losing record this season.

Magic 8 Ball (28-32-0)

New Orleans (-9) over WASHINGTON - "No." (Redskins won't beat the spread)
ATLANTA (+5) over Philadelphia - "My sources say yes." (Falcons will beat the spread)
INDIANAPOLIS (-6) over Tennessee - "Yes." (Colts will beat the spread)
CLEVELAND (+12) over San Diego - "My sources say yes." (Browns will beat the spread)
GREEN BAY (-3) over Baltimore - "My sources say yes." (Packers will beat the spread)

Russell (26-33-1)
The horror, the horror...

New England (-4) over MIAMI - I may be missing something, but the Dolphins did lose to the Bills last week, right?

Minnesota (-3) over ARIZONA - The Cards have struggled at home, and even if Kurt starts, this could be a long day against the mighty Vikings.

San Diego (-13.5) over CLEVELAND - Yeah, the Browns are this bad.

Denver (-4.5) over KANSAS CITY - The Chiefs shouldn't be within a TD of a team with a winning record.

New Orleans (-9.5) over WASHINGTON - Even though the Saints have struggled at times on the road, and the Skins won their last home game against an undefeated team coming off a MNF victory, I just can't see it.

Brien: DEN, HOU, SF, CHI, GB
Jason: BAL, BUF, IND, NE, NO
Jeremy: ATL, BAL, IND, NO, SD
Russell: DEN, MIN, NE, NO, SD

3 Responses:

Russell said...

I am much more interested in the college football conference championship games. (Go Tech!) And I also was eliminated from the fantasy playoffs a couple weeks ago.

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Jeremy said...

Holy crap... fellas, I've just made my first million off AimTrust. If you need me to contribute to next week's NFL Picks post, you can find me somewhere in the Turks and Caicos.

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