November 20, 2009

NFL Picks - Week 11

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Back to a full slate of games this week after the bye weeks end. By this point in the season, we feel like we know just enough about all the teams so that we get ourselves into trouble with these picks.

Brien (23-26-1)
I should have known the Broncos-Redskins game last week was a classic WTF line.

Cincinnati (-9.5) over OAKLAND - I'm a believer in the Bengals, finally.

Arizona (-9) over ST. LOUIS - The Cardinals take care of business against terrible teams.

MINNESOTA (-10.5) over Seattle - I hope this isn't the week Favre starts his collapse.

San Diego (-3) over DENVER - Two teams headed in opposite directions

GREEN BAY (-6.5) over San Francisco - OK, so maybe the Packers are pretty decent

Jason (25-25-0)

A 5-0 week really helps get things back on track.

DETROIT (-3.5) over Cleveland - Both of these teams are quite bad, but Cleveland is the only one of the two who has given up completely.

NY GIANTS (-6.5) over Atlanta - The Giants are coming off their bye, which means Eli's foot is as good as it's going to get.

Arizona (-9) over ST. LOUIS - There are no moral victories in football. Arizona will take St. Louis seriously after they scared the Saints.

New Orleans (-11) over TAMPA BAY - Likewise, New Orleans will take Tampa seriously.

San Diego (-3) over DENVER - Chris Simms?

Jeremy (20-30-0)
Resigned to not making it back to .500 on the season.

Indianapolis (-1) over BALTIMORE - Yes, the Ravens D looked excellent on Monday night, but is this a trap line or something?

Washington (+11) over DALLAS - I've been burnt all season long betting the 'Skins, but the 'Skins have now played six consecutive quarters of excellent football. Miles Austin vs. Redskins secondary scares me, though.

TAMPA BAY (+11) over New Orleans - The Bucs have been playing significantly better since Josh Freeman took the reins and the Saints played way down to the level of competition last week.

San Diego (-3) over DENVER - "Free Fallin'" is going to be the official anthem of the last 10 games of the Broncos season. Anybody remember last year's 6-2 Redskins? Exactly...

Cincinnati (-9.5) over OAKLAND - The Raiders defense is stout, but I'm going to assume that the Raiders put up 10 points or less, making it an easy decision that the Bengals can score 20 or more.

Magic 8 Ball (21-29-0)

Indianapolis (-1) over BALTIMORE - "No." (Ravens won't beat the spread)
Washington (+11) over DALLAS - "My answer is no." (Cowboys won't beat the spread)
New Orleans (-11) over TAMPA BAY - "No." (Bucs won't beat the spread)
DENVER (-3) over San Diego - "Signs point to yes." (Broncos will beat the spread)
OAKLAND (+9.5) over Cincinnati - "Signs point to yes." (Raiders will beat the spread)

Russell (24-25-1)
So first place only lasted a week, but at least I didn't go 0-5 to beat myself.

Pittsburgh (-10) over KANSAS CITY - The Chiefs' wins are over the Skins and the Raiders, neither of which occurred at home.

Arizona (-9) over ST LOUIS - I don't think the Rams can play well against 2 good teams in a row.

San Diego (-3) over DENVER - I wanted to pick this the other way, but just couldn't find a single reason to do so other than the WTF line.

DETROIT (-3.5) over Cleveland - A terrible offense on a short week going on the road...

NY GIANTS (-6.5) over Atlanta - The G-Men stop their free fall, benefiting from a bye and an injured Michael Turner.

Brien: CIN, ARI, MIN, SD, GB
Jason: ARI, DET, NO, NYG, SD
Jeremy: CIN, IND, SD, TB, WAS
Russell: ARI, DET, NYG, PIT, SD

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