November 21, 2009

College Football Picks - Week 12

Another relatively boring week of a college football season that has seemed lacking in excitement through most of the meat of the schedule. Most of the big games happened a month ago, and most conferences are just waiting for the championship week. There just aren't that many consistently good teams this year, making it very rare to see games between two such teams. Anyway, on to the picks.

ARIZONA (+6) over Oregon - I would take the Ducks by this spread and more at Autzen, but they haven't been great on the road. Arizona is good enough to win this game.

OLE MISS (-4.5) over Lsu - The Rebels are finally looking like the team everyone expected to see this year.

NOTRE DAME (-6) over UConn - The Irish will find a way to win Charlie Weis' last home game, before getting crushed by Stanford on the road.

Yep, that's it. That's just how many good games there are this week. Don't believe me? Count the number of single digits spreads there between teams with winning records...

Last Week: 3-3
Season: 37-40-1

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