November 18, 2009

Classic Postgame Presser

This care of ECB reader Jim, a loyal reader since Day 1 of ECB, a law school buddy of mine, a long-suffering St. Louis Cardinals (football) and Rams fan, and an alum of Miami University...

We have an early candidate for postgame presser of the year folks! Take a look at Miami Head Coach Charlie Coles field a question from a Lexington sportswriter after the Kentucky-Miami game on Monday night seeking a response as to how unranked and underdog Miami "let the game get away" to fourth-ranked Kentucky, home of the present "Jesus in Nikes" John Wall...

Let's see...

Thick Southern drawl... check.
Incredulous facial expressions... check.
Calling out the opposing head coach... check.
Sarcasm level of 12 on scale of 1 to 10... check.
Certain ramblings making no sense... check.
Mocking newspaper writer for a stupid question... check.
Proving a point... check.

If Coors Light opened up their commercials to coaches of other sports, I think we'd have a candidate for a great commercial here.

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