November 13, 2009

College Football Picks - Week 11

This week is all about the best teams surviving against lesser opposition.

CINCINNATI (-9) over West Virginia - The Bearcats won't have a late meltdown this week, after letting UConn back in the game. Let's remember what the score was in the 3rd quarter of that game.

Iowa (+17) over OHIO ST - Everyone in the world thinks OSU will pound the Hawkeyes in this game, and they may be right. But let's remember that Iowa's defense is what the team is built around, not Stanzi. Plus the backup will have actually prepared to play this week, and the coaches have had a chance to modify the offense to suit his skills and inexperience. I still think OSU will win, but I'm taking the points.

DUKE (+12.5) over Ga Tech - The Jackets' pass defense has looked vulnerable at times this year, and it would be hard to underestimate how huge this game is for Duke football, even after the loss to UNC last week. I still deep down have confidence in GT but I'm betting the other way. I'd take a solid 10 pt win.

Stanford (+10.5) over USC - Two years ago, Stanford stunned the world with a victory at the Coliseum. This weekend, two programs are headed in different directions, at least momentarily. USC is rebuilding and the Cardinal just beat a team that pounded USC. The Trojans may still get their win, but we may see something more similar to the 14-9 score from last week at ASU.

Alabama (-12) over MISS ST - With the division clinched, I think a loose, confident Tide pounds the Bulldogs.

Utah (+19.5) over TCU - I know the Horned Frogs are good, but that is a huge spread playing a team whose only loss was at Oregon. And yes, TCU blew out BYU on the road, but 19.5 pts against the second-best team in the league?

Last Week: 2-4-1
Season: 34-37-1

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