November 13, 2009

NFL Picks - Week 10

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Everyone got torn apart pretty good last week with their picks (the Magic 8 Ball was the league leader last week) - the only news to come out of that is that somehow Russell took advantage of two consecutive 0-5 weeks from Brien to take the lead. Moral of the story - don't have kids and expect to be successful gambling. Last week of byes and first week of Thursday night football games means that your picks need to be in to your favorite "odds-making associate" a little earlier this week.

Brien (21-23-1)
OK, this week hopefully I'll get at least one pick correct.

Denver (-3.5) over WASHINGTON - I still think the Broncos are decent, and the Redskins really aren't.

Philadelphia (+1) over SAN DIEGO - Tough loss to Dallas last week, but I think the Eagles bounce back.

Dallas (-2.5) over GREEN BAY - It's time to admit that we were all wrong about the Packers this year.

ARIZONA (-8.5) over Seattle - I still think the Seahawks really suck, even though they blew out the Lions last week.

New England (+3) over INDIANAPOLIS - The Colts aren't going to go undefeated, and this seems like an obvious place for them to lose.

Jason (20-25-0)

I am here. In my work pool, the winner had SIX correct picks. What a great week for Vegas.

WASHINGTON (+3.5) over Denver - Ok, the Skins are pretty bad. They do play defense though. Denver can't run the ball and is relying on Kyle Orton to beat a decent defense after flying east. I guess I'll take a chance.

Baltimore (-10.5) over CLEVELAND - I think the Ravens are an every other week team at this point. Cleveland can't hurt them in their big weak spot - the secondary.

MINNESOTA (-16.5) over Detroit - Without hesitation.

Kansas City (+2) over OAKLAND - What's the catch?

Cincinnati (+7) over PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh has to win this game to avoid going down the tiebreaker to Cincy. Cincy has to win this game to be legitimate.

Jeremy (18-27-0)
I beat Brien in picks. He beat me at fantasy. Stupid Chris Johnson....

Denver (-3.5) over WASHINGTON - This could very well be a trap line. Denver's offense has looked atrocious the past few weeks and the 'Skins D can be pretty stout. However, with Portis and Cooley out and Campbell under center, I just don't see where the Redskins' points come from.

PITTSBURGH (-7) over Cincinnati - Revenge factor, at Heinz Field, huge division implications, Cincinnati barely eeked out a win on their home turf earlier this year - I think Benson gets bottled up and the Steelers tool on the Bengals.

Kansas City (+2) over OAKLAND - The Larry Johnson distraction is gone, Matt Cassel has Chambers to balance out Bowe, and the Raiders are an all-around horrible team. I'll take the Chefs.

New Orleans (-13.5) over ST. LOUIS - Let's put it this way - one of my two fantasy teams has Drew Brees and Marques Colston. I really like my odds this week.

New England (+3) over INDIANAPOLIS - Anytime a healthy Tom Brady is getting points with a healthy Wes Welker and a healthy Randy Moss, I'm generally going to take the points, especially given that Indy's offense hasn't been as prolific at scoring this season.

Magic 8 Ball (17-29-0)

WASHINGTON (+3.5) over Denver - "Signs point to yes." (Redskins will beat the spread)
Cincinnati (+7) over PITTSBURGH - "Don't count on it." (Steelers won't beat the spread)
Kansas City (+2) over OAKLAND - "My answer is no." (Raiders won't beat the spread)
New Orleans (-13.5) over ST. LOUIS - "No." (Rams won't beat the spread)
New England (+3) over INDIANAPOLIS - "My answer is no." (Colts won't beat the spread)

Russell (22-22-1)
First place! I'd like to thank our sponsors, my team, my family for supporting me in this endeavour, and most of all, Brien for going 0-10 the last two weeks to allow me to catch up.

Baltimore (-10.5) over CLEVELAND - The old Browns over the new Browns. The Ravens will look like the team that pounded the Broncos a couple weeks ago.

Dallas (-2.5) over GREEN BAY - The Pack have serious O Line issues, and just managed to lose in Tampa.

New Orleans (-13.5) over ST LOUIS - Does this need an explanation?

Denver (-3.5) over WASHINGTON - The Broncos aren't this bad, even on a short week traveling to the East. If the Skins could be the tonic for the Lions, I'm sure a decent Broncos team can find something to feel good about in Washington.

ARIZONA (-8.5) over Seattle - The Cardinals are starting to figure things out and look like the NFC Champs again.

Jeremy: DEN, KC, NE, NO, PIT
Russell: ARI, BAL, DAL, DEN, NO

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LDUTheCoach said...

Nothing wrong with a little east coast bias...

TheCoach loves the east!!! Woop woop

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