August 2, 2007

nAtPATHY Continues

Even if you can't find a guy on the street who cares about the Nationals, at least you can rely on the local newspaper, right?


6 Responses:

J-Red said...

Jeremy's coverage on this blog might be better than what the Post is giving.

Jeremy said...

I think it's incumbent to point out the extremely deceptive nature of what J-Red has posted although I will accept his compliment above. The Orioles are presently playing a day game against the Red Sox, and therefore there is a live box score for their game that is taking place. That is what is at the top of the page that J-Red has flagged. The Nats don't play until tonight, when they'll most likely finish their sweep of Cincinnati. But to compare the placement of a live box score to two articles that are now 18 hours old is really deceptive.

J-Red said...

I didn't draw attention to the other stories, in this order:

1) Redskins
2) LPGA at St. Andrew's
3) Hokies Spring Practice
4) Athletics probe at Howard, Georgetown as part of student loan investigation
5) Wizards' offseason news
6) Michael Strahan situation
7) Swimming Nationals
8) Nationals, who won last night behind a 22-year-old rookie making only his 2nd career start.

So, if you take out the Orioles live box score, the Nationals are the 8th most important sports story according to the Washington Post.

I'm sure Jeremy checked out Baltimore Sun online to try to nail me for being a hypocrite, but the Sun's coverage is chock full of Terps, Ravens and Orioles coverage.

Jeremy said...

I didn't bother. If the Sun gave ink to the Nats, the Orioles have officially died in that city.

J-Red said...

I meant, the Orioles don't fall behind the LPGA, a college 200 miles away, a DE who "plays" 200 miles away and swimming.

J-Red said...
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