January 23, 2008

Nats Fever: Get Vaccinated

After reading a nice article about the new Nats stadium, I thought I'd go to their website to get a little more info.

There was a great video about the history of baseball in Washington, including a Walt Whitman quote about it being our national pastime.

Who narrated and later appeared? Tim Russert.

Tim Russert, most prolific Buffalo native of our time. The biggest Buffalo Bills fan ever born. The least Washingtonian of the Washingtonians (which is how he got the Meet the Press job). Yeah, he's a Nats ticket holder.

Does that make you feel better about the future of the franchise? He'll go when a great team comes to town. Otherwise, you can farm crickets in those seats or hope that he gives the tix away.

They couldn't even find a damned D.C. native to talk up their boring stadium. Where were Lewis Black and Dave Chappelle and Wanda Sykes?

7 Responses:

Jeremy said...

You want to talk apathy? Orioles average attendance in 2007 for games not including Opening Day or games versus the Red Sox or Yankees... 22,562. In a ballpark that seats over 48,500. And if you drove by the ballpark on any given night, you would've seen that paid attendance was about five times as many fans as actually showed up. So Mr. Pot, please don't call the kettle black.

big tuna said...

How would a Wanda Sykes voiceover help the situation at all?

J-Red said...

A Wanda Sykes voiceover helps ANY situation.

I don't know how this became an Orioles discussion. I never said anything about them.

"ben" said...

I don't know about you, but I really feel like some Applebee's right now.

J-Red said...

Eatin' good in the neighborhood.

Am I the only person who finds Wanda Sykes kind of hot?

"ben" said...

Uh, yes.

J-Red said...

Well am I the only person who thinks of Wanda Sykes when I think about "Eatin' good in the neighborhood"?

Wanda, if you're out there, I'd do you.

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