October 16, 2009

NFL Week 6 Picks

Wow, aside from maybe two games on the schedule, Week 6 brutalizes us with some horrible football games.  The only thing that could make it palatable for 90% of NFL fans is playing fantasy or having money on the game.  Which is where we come in...

Brien (14-11-0)
With that slow start behind me, I managed to take the lead this week.  That means I'm due for an 0-5 week.

CINCINNATI (-4.5) over Houston - The Bengals are actually looking pretty good this year, even though I don't think they'll manage to win the division.

Carolina (-3.5) over TAMPA BAY - This is a battle of some awful teams, but I have to believe the Panthers are better than the Bucs.

Denver (+4) over SAN DIEGO - The Broncos are undefeated, both straight up and against the spread, and they're getting points?  Yes, please.

ATLANTA (-3.5) over Chicago - The Falcons' win over the 49ers really impressed me.

Arizona (+2.5) over SEATTLE - The only wins the Seahawks have are over really, really bad teams.

Jason (13-12-0)

I ate it this past week with a 1-4. A ton of home favorites this week.

PITTSBURGH (-14) over Cleveland - Most years, these two teams play each other in surprisingly close games. I have a bad feeling that Mendenhall has finally gotten his sea legs back though.

Denver (+4) over SAN DIEGO - Okay, I'll believe in Denver just long enough for them to lay an egg on national television.

NY Giants (+3.5) over NEW ORLEANS - This should be a great game, but the extra half point puts me towards the Giants.

NEW ENGLAND (-9) over Tennessee - New England has had back-to-back tough games, but I think this is a good punching bag.

Philadelphia (-14) over OAKLAND - Philly is all business right now.

Jeremy (10-15-0)

Finally the type of week that ECB readers have come to expect from Jeremy.  4-1.  Marching back towards respectability.

Kansas City (+6.5) over WASHINGTON - Your WTF line of the week.  Or maybe the line that Vegas hopes catches people who base their bets purely on the team's won-loss record and not actual strength of team. 

SEATTLE (-2.5) over Arizona - Seattle is not an easy road game and the Seahawks looked like a completely different team with Hasselbeck under center last week.

CINCINNATI (-4.5) over Houston - I would have expected a much larger line on this game with the Bengals being home and playing as well as they have been. 

MINNESOTA (-2.5) over Baltimore - I was very tempted to pick the Ravens to win outright until I remembered just how bad Brett Favre will likely pick apart the Ravens' secondary (25th in the league in pass defense).

Philadelphia (-14) over OAKLAND - This is a huge line for an East Coast team to cover that has to travel 3,000 miles and play in the Black Hole.  However, expect the Eagles multi-faceted offense to feast on the Raiders nonexistent defense.

Magic 8 Ball (8-17-0)
Finally a week above .500 for the Magic 8 Ball.

WASHINGTON (-6.5) over Kansas City - "My sources say yes." (Redskins will beat the spread)
SEATTLE (-2.5) over Arizona - "My sources say yes." (Seahawks will beat the spread)
Houston (+4.5) over CINCINNATI - "Don't count on it." (Bengals won't beat the spread)
MINNESOTA (-2.5) over Baltimore - "Yes." (Vikings will beat the spread)
Philadelphia (-14) over OAKLAND - "Don't count on it." (Raiders won't beat the spread)

Russell (12-13-0)
And that's the type of week our readers know to expect from me in NFL picks. 1-4.  Sliding back toward the basement.

Kansas City (+6.5) over WASHINGTON
- After a 9-7 victory over the Rams and a loss to Carolina, the Skins shouldn't be favored over anyone.

Denver (+4) over SAN DIEGO
- Either the Broncos lose or this pick is right.  Either way, I win.

NY JETS (-9.5) over Buffalo
- What does a 6-3 loss to the Browns mean to you?  Obviously, the no-huddle offense was not the answer, with or without TO.

MINNESOTA (-2.5) over Baltimore
- If everyone knows how bad the Ravens' nickel and dime corners are, don't you think Brett will take advantage of that?

SEATTLE (-2.5) over Arizona
- The Seahawks may turn out to be the best-kept secret in the league.  And the Cards haven't impressed lately.

Jeremy: CIN, MIN, PHI, SEA, KC
Russell: NYJ, MIN, DEN, SEA, KC

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