April 5, 2007

Florida vs. Kentucky: Tale of the Tape

As J-Red noted in his last post, conflicting reports about where Billy Donovan is headed are coming out. At the moment, it looks like he's staying at Florida, but that's far from certain. In case he's reading this blog while making his decision, here's a breakdown of his options, Nick Bakay style.

SalaryTons of MoneyAssloads of MoneyPush
LocationEast Coast (but Florida, so it barely counts)AppalachiaFL
Recent HistoryBack-to-back championshipsNo Final Fours since 1998FL
Distant HistoryA Final Four some time in the 1990sOne of the winningest programs everKY
NCAA ProblemsNone in basketball, yetProbation in 1989FL
FL (seriously, some of these Wildcats schools need to come up with a more creative nickname)
Famous AlumniErin Andrews
Ashley JuddPush (in a shocker! I thought this would be KY's best category)

Final Tally
Florida: 4
Kentucky: 1
Push: 3

Not surprisingly, Florida wins this in a rout. Feel free to add other categories in the comments (I was going to add cheerleaders, but didn't want to be surfing for those pictures at work).

UPDATE: Cheerleaders added (after work).

1 Responses:

J-Red said...

Florida - Anything the basketball team does is gravy. No one is going to call for your head for 20-10.

Kentucky - Can't figure out why recruits are no longer excited about coming to Lexington. 20 wins is a major disappointment.

I love Kentucky's new list for replacements: Rick Barnes, Tom Crean, Tom Izzo. I'm surprised they didn't add Coach K to the list.

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