October 10, 2009

College Football Picks - Week 6

On the theory of better late than never:

Mich St (-4) over ILLINOIS - A new QB isn't going to fix the Illini.

Maryland (+12.5) over WAKE - Are we really this bad?

Indiana (+6.5) over VIRGINIA - Last week was a fluke for the Cavs against a mediocre UNC.

PITT (-7) over Uconn - Pitt looks really strong.

Alabama (-4.5) over OLE MISS - Still waiting to see a dominant performance from the Rebels.

Houston (+2.5) over MISS ST - Is anyone ready to say Miss St is better than Okla St or TT?

LSU (+8.5) over Florida - I predict a low-scoring game, with Tebow a little rusty. LSU's defense is good enough to keep them in this.

Michigan (+8) over IOWA - I'm still not sold on the Hawkeyes.

Last week: 4-3
Season: 17-17

1 Responses:

gpb said...

Ouch. I had a Thursday pick too. I made mine Wednesday and was waiting for the article. Besides if I was going to cheat, you'd think I'd have done a better job...

Nebraska -3.5 Mizzou
UWV -10 Cuse
Duke +14.5 NC State
Washington +3 Arizona
Florida State -3 GT
South Carolina -9.5 Kentucky
LSU +8 Florida

Last week: 2-4
Season: 10-21

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