October 10, 2009

Week 5 NFL Against the Spread Picks

Week 5. Lots of explosive offense on Bye this week. And lots of curious lines out there.

Brien (11-9-0)
Two great weeks balanced out my awful start to bring me back into contention. My only loss last week was when I violated my own rules about never trying to pick Steelers games. I normally tend to be too pessimistic about them.

Minnesota (-10) over ST. LOUIS - Ten points is a lot to be giving up on the road, but the Vikings look like the real deal and the Rams appear to be historically awful. Can we have two teams go 0-16 in back-to-back years?

CAROLINA (-4) over Washington - I know the Panthers haven't won in forever, but they're coming off a bye week and getting the Redskins at home. Conditions don't get much more favorable than that.

SAN FRANCISCO (-2.5) over Atlanta - The 49ers are 4-0 against the spread so far this year. Even though Atlanta's coming off a bye, they have to go cross-country to play a good team.

DENVER (+3.5) over New England - The Patriots have been really struggling for their wins, and the Broncos are undefeated ATS. Also, you have to believe this game means more to McDaniel than Belichick.

ARIZONA (-5.5) over Houston - The Cardinals destroyed the Jaguars in Jacksonville, and the Texans lost to the Jags at home. Transitive property of football, and all that.

J-Red (12-8-0)
So many big numbers on the board this week, but I'll stick with the teams I've seen each week.

BALTIMORE (-8.5) over Cincinnati - As a Ravens fan, I know how this plays out. The team knows they made a lot of mistakes at Foxboro, got jobbed by the refs a couple times and still came a Mark Clayton drop away from walking out with a win. They didn't run enough against New England, and coaches and players alike are going to reestablish that the Ravens are a force in the AFC, along with the Colts.

CAROLINA (-4) over Washington - The Redskins have a chance to play their first six games against winless teams (0-0 Giants, 0-1 St. Louis, 0-2 Detroit, 0-3 Tampa Bay, 0-3 Carolina and presently 0-4 Kansas City). They are a very bad team, just better than St. Louis and even with Tampa Bay. Carolina is a mediocre team off to a bad start. I'll take that, despite Delhomme's home disasters recently.

KANSAS CITY (+8) over Dallas - Dallas has all the makings of an 8-8 team at the moment. They have no margin of error, and Arrowhead is still a tough place to play.

New England (-3.5) over DENVER - I'm going to refuse to respect Denver right up to when they clinch the AFC West in Week 15.

NY Jets (-1.5) over MIAMI - The Jets and Sanchez were embarrassed last week. This is the game that determines the direction of the Jets.

Jeremy (6-14-0)
Is it too early in the season to just give up? I'm officially swearing off picking 'Skins games. 0-4 this season on them.

Cincinnati (+8.5) over BALTIMORE - M&T isn't an easy place to play, but I think the Bengals are too good to get this many points.

Minnesota (-10) over ST. LOUIS - I hate picking road teams to cover double digit spreads. I'll make an exception.

New England (-3.5) over DENVER - Last week's Pats game really impressed me. Still not entirely impressed by any of the Broncos' wins.

Indianapolis (-3.5) over TENNESSEE - I had no idea just how far the Titans have fallen from last season until I watched last week's game against the Jags. Wow.

KANSAS CITY (+8) over Dallas - I have trouble seeing where Dallas will score enough points to cover this spread comfortably, especially on the road.

Magic 8 Ball (5-15-0)
Nothing like an 0-5 week for the Magic 8 Ball.

BALTIMORE (-8.5) over Cincinnati - "Yes." (Ravens will beat the spread)
Minnesota (-10) over ST. LOUIS - "No." (Rams won't beat the spread)
DENVER (+3.5) over New England - "Signs point to yes." (Broncos will beat the spread)
TENNESSEE (+3.5) over Indianapolis - "My sources say yes." (Titans will beat the spread)
Dallas (-8) over KANSAS CITY - "No." (Chiefs won't beat the spread)

Russell (11-9-0)

Minnesota (-10) over ST. LOUIS
Pittsburgh (-10.5) over DETROIT
SAN FRANCISCO (-2.5) over Atlanta
New England (-3.5) over DENVER
NY Jets (-1.5) over MIAMI



Jeremy: CIN, IND, KC, MIN, NE
Russell: MIN, NE, NYJ, PIT, SF

1 Responses:

Russell said...

Vikings (-10)
Steelers (-10.5)
49ers (-2.5)
Patriots (-3.5)
Jets (-1.5)

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