April 4, 2007

Adios Gina Glockenspiel!

If there's anyone from the Central, Mountain or West time zones reading this, you should remember the title of the blog. Gina's gone, thank God. Looks like the boys are holding their own better than predicted, with Sanjaya, Phil, Chris, Blake moving on for the boys, even if Sanjaya is being propped up by VotefortheWorst.com.

Jeremy, as soon as I find the YouTube highlight video for Gina, I'll post it. Ooh, found one already.

4 Responses:

Jeremy said...

She totally got hosed. Phil should've gotten axed. When he became safe, the question became the one posed earlier... Gina vs. Haley. Clearly we all knew who the loser would be of a popular
American vote if it was to come to that. Gina is the first person voted off who I'll actually miss. I handicap the remainder of Idol as follows:

Jordin (winner)

J-Red said...

I wouldn't make a list like this until you know what all the themes are going to be.

According to TMZ, 19 Entertainment is seriously scared that Sanjaya is going to win...and they have the vote totals.

Brien said...

I checked the odds on Bodog last night, Melinda is way out in front at 4/5. Jordin is 4-1, Blake 5-1, and Lakisha 7-1 (I think, I'm trying to do this from memory). Bodog also had a "Will Sanjaya make the top 5?" prop bet that payed better than even money on "Yes." So apparently the gambling community doesn't think he'll go much further.

Jeremy said...

I think the Sanjaya shtick only has but so much more rope until he hangs himself. What I see happening is when the top 5 are left, all the vote that has been scattered amongst these 9 and 10 other contestants will congeal at the top and the Sanjaya diehards will finally be outnumbered.

Next week is Jennifer Lopez. Too bad that obnoxious Shakira girl got cut first day of Hollywood week. But that's why I think Phil is gone next. I mean... no way he can do anything remotely Latin or like J-Lo. Chris showed some more range on Tuesday, but I still see him trying to make J-Lo sound like Tuesday.

The thing that I'm most disappointed about is missing Gina for Bon Jovi week.

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