April 5, 2007

The Price is Wrong (totally wrong)

So a tragic day is forthcoming in June, when Bob Barker hands over the oddly phallic shaped microphone and retires from The Price is Right. So who will replace him? Entertainment Weekly has some insider info:

Showcase Showdown
George Hamilton, Mario Lopez, and John O'Hurley -- but not Rosie -- have been tested as possible replacements for Bob Barker on ''The Price Is Right''

Fans of Bob Barker may think he's irreplaceable on The Price Is Right, but CBS is in the midst of finding a new host for the successful game show once the 84-year-old host retires in June. Several Hollywood vets have already tested for the high-profile job — in fact, studio audiences were invited via CBS' website to attend test tapings featuring several potential hosts: Dancing With the Stars alums George Hamilton, Mario Lopez, and John O' Hurley, as well as Game Show Marathon host Todd Newton and The Early Show's weatherman Dave Price. Not invited to try out? The View's Rosie O'Donnell, who recently told the audience at her ABC yakker that she'd love to fill Barker's very big shoes. An announcement about Barker's replacement is unlikely to be made until after the venerable host leaves in June.

Holy crap, this is horrid. Horrid. But at least Rosie has been nixed. I would've had to have watched the show on mute. Seriously, when Bob retires, this will mean that one of my greatest dreams in life will have been shattered... to get out to CBS Television City in Hollywood and make it out of contestant's row for a game. The past seven years of grocery shopping would be clutch. I mean, I am like the greatest armchair TPIR contestant ever. Who doesn't know how much a pack of Hot Pockets costs? ($2.49 at Shoppers, $2.99 at Giant)

But for serious? Mario Lopez? Really? Really? What's next? Replacing the Rod Roddy wannabe announcer with Dustin Diamond so that his house can avoid getting repossessed? And they are digging the dregs of reality TV to find replacements? Wow.

Bob Barker and your sexual harrassment... you will be missed.

6 Responses:

J-Red said...

My vote is for Dave Price, just because I don't know who he is and I'm hoping he can't be as bad as the others.

I personally don't like Todd Newton at all (GSN's Whammy, E! alum), but he has been hosting the live Vegas version of the show for over a year now. They've been grooming him.

Can't we offer Tom Bergeron enough money to do it? He's got old people cred from America's Funniest Videos and he's just cool enough for the college kids. I kind of thought that was a no-brainer.

Brien said...

Isn't it time for Chuck Woolery to move back up to the big leagues? He's great on Lingo, people recognize him, and he has experience working with ditzy blonds (the Lingo button pusher chick).

J-Red said...

And Marc Steines is in the running too according to CNN.com. He's a frequent guest of Elliot in the Morning on DC101 here locally and in Richmond.

He seems ok, but I have no idea what he looks like.

J-Red said...

Chuck Woolery actually briefly hosted Wheel of Fortune when they had contract negotiation issues with Pat Sajak in the late 80's. It's amazing how somehow like Woolery, who is awful at word games, has hosted Wheel of Fortune, Scrabble, and now Lingo.

Jeremy said...

Too bad Peter Tamarkin crashed his plane. He was fantastic with the old episodes of Press Your Luck. And nobody sported one of those tacky 80s suits quite as well.

J-Red said...

Plus Tamarkin used the spindle mike too when he wasn't behind the podium if I remember correctly.

And Jeremy, I really hope that pencil thin microphone isn't phallic to you.

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