April 2, 2007

I Hate MASN Commercials

The new MASN ad campaign focuses on an Oriole or National and then ends with a shot at another team's player. For example, "Miguel Tejada is the best power hitting shortstop in baseball. Better play him deep Grady Sizemore." Or for Corey Patterson, "You're about to be robbed A-Rod." I am pretty sure the Chad Cordero ad took a crack at Miguel Cabrera.

We get it Angelos. It seems like you're pimping one of our players when you're really putting in subtle reminders about players on opposing teams that we have the opportunity to see play live. Seeing the Nationals box score this afternoon, let's hope all the players called out don't take offense and have particularly good games against the Orioles.

Of course, the campaign obviously isn't working anyway, unless the Nationals' midday TV ratings are better than their actual stadium attendance. Being 5,000 tickets short of a sellout on Opening Day on a perfect 80-degree spring day in your third season in existence certainly makes the anti-baseball crowd in D.C. look a lot smarter. As they pointed out on the John Riggins Show today, it sure makes you wonder if a few loud pro-baseball drunks in a bar got enough attention to make people think baseball would actually work in a transplant town.

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