April 4, 2007

Congratulations Washington Nationals!!!

So first win on the season, first win in the managerial career of Manny Acta. So we're on pace to go 54-108 on the season. At least we didn't start off 0-22 to break the record, which given the last two days, I thought was imminently possible.

I love that Dmitri Young, major league castaway, hit the game winner, and that none other than my former neighbor (I lived on 14th floor, he lived on 12th floor of 11 South Eutaw Street), Jorge Julio, choked the game away. My buddy lived next door to him and said he'd come home from Camden Yards and scream in Spanish into his cell phone deep into the morning. Just what you want to deal with during first year of law school.

But tangent complete, congratulations Nats!!! And I don't want J-Red to try to get us to discuss attendance today, for a 1:05 weekday first pitch, with weather in the low 50s and damp clouds hanging around all game long. There are only about two stadiums in the majors that would not have had trouble with weather like today: Wrigley and Fenway.

2 Responses:

J-Red said...

The O's can still challenge the 0-22 record! Maybe 0-162!

And thanks for reminding me to check the attendance figures.

Wednesday - 18,835 (1:05p start, bad weather)

Tuesday - 20,894 (7:05p start, perfect weather)

Monday - 40,389 (Opening Day, perfect weather)

So apparently the early start and bad weather accounted for about 2,059 fans.

J-Red said...

To be fair the Twins went from 48K to 24K to 27.5K over three games. Of course, they've also been there more than three years.

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