April 6, 2007

Redskins Want Springs Out in a Bad Way

If you were too naive, or too flat-out dumb, to know Shawn Springs was the leak in the Tom Friend article last November, just look at the Skins' overtures this offseason:

1) Signed CB Fred Smoot.

2) Made every effort in the world to trade for CB Dre Bly.

3) Signed Cardinals CB David Macklin.

4) Contacted the Patriots about trading for CB Asante Samuel.

Macklin sucks, of course, but these moves tell us one of two things. Either Shawn Springs is on the fast train out of Redskins Park or Carlos Rogers is below at least Smoot and Springs, and possibly below even Jimoh and Macklin, on the depth chart. Personally, I think Carlos Rogers should maybe get tossed into the Lance Briggs trade. That would at least offset some of the salary cap signing Briggs would consume.

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