April 3, 2007

Chicago Tribune - Trade Briggs to Sucker Skins NOW

In an article published last week, Chicago Tribune writer Don Pierson came out strongly in favor of trading Briggs to Skins and swapping the 31st and 6th picks. Remember, this article came out before Bears' GM Angelo demanded a player in return for Briggs as welll. Here are some good quotes:

Why the Redskins would want to give up the sixth pick and pay Briggs untold millions is their problem. Until this week, they had kept a relatively low profile in the free-gent scramble. Usually they like to make a splash and buy all the stars billionaire owner Daniel Snyder can afford.

Instead of resenting Rosenhaus, Angelo should thank him for finding a willing sucker in the Redskins to overpay for an overrated, disgruntled player.

What's puzzling is the Redskins need Briggs less than the Bears do. Besides Fletcher-Baker in the middle, they have ex-Colt Washington on one side and last year's second-round pick, Rocky McIntosh, on the other. They also still have ex-Bear Warrick Holdman, another former Urlacher sidekick once thought invaluable.

Remember this too: The Redskins are so inept they didn't know what to do with Archuleta once they overpaid him, and now the Bears have him anyway. Who knows? In another year, the Bears could end up having Briggs back too.

3 Responses:

Brien said...

Who's projected to go 6th in the draft? Could the Redskins get a safety there? What other positions do they need to fill this year? The 6th pick seems a lot more valuable than a disgruntled linebacker they don't really need (although maybe not, judging by the way the Redskins use draft picks).

Jeremy said...

According to Howard Bryant, Skins beat reporter on The Washington Post Live last night, the Skins are interested in trading up to get Calvin Johnson. A Jason Campbell to Calvin Johnson combination could be deadly for many years to come. I think the Briggs thing is just about dead. Nice job Drew Rosenhaus.

J-Red said...

I think they're looking at the Clemson DE Gaines Adams and Michigan DT Alan Branch.

As for the possibility of the Skins getting Calvin Johnson, here's a list:
2006 - 25th pick - Santonio Holmes
2005 - 3rd pick - Braylon Edwards
7th pick - Troy Williamson
10th pick - Mike Williams
21st pick - Matt Jones
22nd pick - Mark Clayton
27th pick - Roddy White
2004 - 3rd pick - Larry Fitzgerald
7th pick - Roy Williams
9th pick - Reggie Williams
13th pick - Lee Evans
15th pick - Michael Clayton
29th pick - Michael Jenkins
31st pick - Rashaun Woods

Pro Bowls = 2 (Roy Williams was an injury replacement for Torry Holt)

Busts = 7 (Giving Santonio Holmes, Reggie Williams and Lee Evans the benefit of the doubt)

Drafting wide receivers in the first round is not a good way to build a team. Ask Rod Gardner.

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