April 2, 2007

My Opening Day Post

Alright, so leave was approved, and in about 40 minutes I'll be heading out in the 79-degree, mostly sunny weather, to enjoy my 500-level seats at RFK stadium and take in the Nats vs. the Marlins on Opening Day 2007.

Rather than address all the crap that's been flying around here about O's vs. Nats (but just compare the franchises' records 1998-2006 and get back to me), let's just talk about Opening Day. Having gone to both Opening Days last year, Orioles and Nationals, I do have to say that the scene around the Orioles Opening Day is ten times that of the Nats. Last year, it turned into a day-long party outside Pickles and Sliders, and then everyone stumbled into the stadium. We all know there's nothing around RFK except for the Anacostia River, the D.C. Armory, and some dilapidated neighborhoods. Let's just say I won't be rolling up to RFK four hours before first pitch like I did to Camden Yards last year.

But nevertheless, there is something so special and exciting about Opening Day in baseball. I think it's different than the opening game of any other sport. Yeah, we're all excited to see these seasons begin. But Opening Day in baseball is fueled with such optimism... such excitement... such hope. It's the start of six months of great weather. It's the start of a really long season when, for a team like the Nats, realistically about 150 of the 162 games won't matter except if we are on the brink of the 100-loss plateau and trying to stay above it (which I doubt will happen, I see us going 67-95). But Opening Day, especially when it's an Opening Day at home... you've got two #1 starters going head-to-head, you get the formal introductions of all the teams, the stadium is clean, the grass is green, the uniforms are crisp, the ballpark food tastes better, the crowd is way more into it, and it's just a great, great day to be at the ballpark.

I read the article in the Baltimore Sun about Baltimore losing their perennial true "Opening Day" this year and the article in the Post about the president not throwing out the first pitch this year. Well, Opening Day is still Opening Day. The people in Baltimore are really only losing that #1 vs. #1 pitching matchup. The optimism and excitement will still be there. As for Bush not thowing out the first pitch... having sat there amazed at the total abuse Cheney took last year at RFK from the moment he stepped out of the dugout to the moment he disappeared from view, it's not exactly surprising that Bush is otherwise consumed by meetings today.

But Opening Day... HUZZAH!! Go Nats!!!

3 Responses:

J-Red said...

It's a truly beautiful day in Washington today. Nothing makes it feel like spring more than seeing all of the black and teal shirts, hats and jerseys parading through the Metro stations on their way to see their team play the Washington Generals.

michael said...

I agree with almost everything said in that post. All except for this being "the start of 6 months of great weather." Because out here in southern California, we get 11 months a year of great weather. And oddly enough, the one crappy one is right smack dab in the middle of the baseball season...June, when it is cold and foggy...affectionately known as "June Gloom"

Jeremy said...

You must have seen all 20 of the Marlins fans there then... I didn't know they arranged a trip together. Good for them, they had lots to cheer about.

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