April 2, 2007

Nice Announcing Surprise

So I turn on MASN to catch the score in the O's-Twins game, and I hear the sweet, sweet sound of Gary Thorne calling the game. I don't know if I had missed an announcement saying he was the new O's play-by-play guy, and I didn't watch Spring Training, so he was probably on during March and I'm late arriving on the train. But what a great pickup. That sweet, smooth call with just the perfect tone of excitement was an incredible sound in the Stanley Cup playoffs on ESPN. Actually, when I played NHL Hockey on Nintendo (you know, the game with the skinny guys, average guys, and fat guys), I would sometimes pretend to call the game and I would always try to imitate Gary Thorne. Glad to hear his voice again.

4 Responses:

J-Red said...

Actually, I was going to e-mail Awful Announcing about this. I thought Gary Thorne and Buck Martinez were especially good together.

The next challenge is how he'll do alongside Jim Palmer.

a.k.a. Zooomabooma said...

Very sad that Thorny's not with ESPN anymore. He & Steve Phillips & Steve Stone made for a very fun combo last year. There was really no one better on ESPN than Thorne. Sean McDonough called the Twins-O's game last night for ESPN and he's gotta be as boring as watching paint dry. ESPN also lost Jeff Brantly to the Reds, also an entertaining guy. But it's just a shame we can't all hear Thorne anymore, no baseball on ESPN, no hockey. Sad.

michael said...

Yeah...last year when I was in the NYC area, Gary Thorne was calling Mets games on SNY ("SportsNet New York") the new Mets station there. Looks like he made a nice little move south.

I dont mind ESPN announcers because out here we have the best in the business. Vin Scully is still here, entering his 59th year as the voice of the Dodgers. And with no drop off as of yet, he is still the best there is, bar none.

J-Red said...

How many of those 6 World Series, none since 1988, can he actually remember without defecating in his pants?

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