September 28, 2009

A Guide to Firing Jim Zorn

For Redskins fans, it is obvious that head coach, play caller and offensive coordinator Jim Zorn will never recapture last year's 6-2 start. The 0-3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers are coming to FedEx Field next, bringing with them 23-year-old second-year quarterback Josh Johnson (Univ. of San Diego, 2008 5th round, 4/10 for 36 yards for his career) as their starting signal caller and 33-year-old head coach Raheem Morris at the helm. Needless to say, the Skins could quite easily enter Week 5 2-2.

Interim Head Coach Greg Blache?

But if they lose at home to Tampa Bay, and the Skins really must make a change to avoid a miserable season, both on the field and in the Washington Post, there is only one way to do it.

1) Fire Jim Zorn
2) Elevate Defensive Coordinator Greg Blache to Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator
3) Hire one of the following men to be OC:
  • Jim Fassel
  • Dennis Green
  • Brian Billick
  • Al Saunders
  • Ralph Friedgen
That's pretty much the only way to do it. Friedgen is available now that the Terps have named James Franklin as his heir apparent.

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