October 2, 2009

Friedgen is Actually This Desperate...

Courtesy of today's Baltimore Sun:

Running back Da'Rel Scott, who has fumbled three times in the past two games, has been seen walking around campus carrying a football. Friedgen - who got the idea from a movie - said he suggested Scott keep the ball with him to focus on guarding against turnovers. The movie was "The Program," starring Omar Epps as a fumble-prone running back.

Hmm... so things have become so desperate for Fridge that he's now taking ideas from football movies? Maybe soon we'll see him sign a 34-year-old QB who has one year of eligibility remaining a la Scott Bakula in Necessary Roughness (or a la Greg Paulus in Syracuse Orange). Maybe he'll have Chris Turner fire the ball at Testudo to kill the clock on a late drive to try to bring the Terps within 5 TDs of Clemson (a la James Van Der Beek in Varsity Blues) More likely than not, since Fridge is so taken with The Program, those driving along Route 1 tonight, in addition to dodging drunks leaving Bentley's and Cornerstone, will see a few of our linemen lying down along the center line seeing if they can avoid becoming roadkill.

It would still be pretty cool though if one of our linemen came out with his face painted like Steve Lattimer:

1 Responses:

gpb said...

Gah! I lose in movie trivia. I had it pegged as Remember the Titans.

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