September 28, 2009

Popularity Contest: Vote for Us!

Click here to vote for my blog ... early and oftenHere at ECB, we’re not cool enough to be candidates for the web-wide blog awards, but someone at the Baltimore Sun seems to think we’re one of the best general sports blogs in the great state of Maryland. Since you’re reading this, you either agree, or you’re one of those anonymous people who post nasty comments. Either way, we hope you’ll vote for us (you can vote once per day).

3 Responses:

waltreddish said...

I voted at noon and you were in second place among sports blogs. You've dropped to fifth now. You guys need a big push from the voters.

M.A.S.H. said...

I just cast my second vote for you guys and will keep it up...Brien, we still gonna get a little quid pro quo going? :)

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for you, but you have to create an account with

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