December 19, 2007

Bowl Predictions Against the Spread

After an exciting, unpredictable season, the bowls will likely produce more of the same. Here are my picks, sure to go wrong.

Navy (+8.5) over Utah - Navy can score with anyone.

FAU (-2.5) over Memphis - Howard Schnellenberger.

Cincinnati (-10.5) over Southern Miss - Head coach? What head coach?

Nevada (+2.5) over New Mexico - The pistol wins again.

BYU (-5) over UCLA - UCLA collapsed this year.

Boise St. (-11) over ECU - Boise beat Oklahoma last year.

Directional Mich (+8) over Purdue - Just because.

Texas (-2.5) over Arizona St. - Too much Texas beef.

BC (-3.5) over Michigan St. - BC has one of the best rushing defenses in the country. Blowout city.

TCU (-4) over Houston - Head coach?

Maryland (+5) over Oregon St. - Fridge is good in bowls.

Wake (-3) over UConn - Wake's finally healthy.

UCF (-3) over Miss St. - Kevin Smith.

Texas A&M (+5.5) over Penn St. - This is almost a home game for the Aggies.

Colorado (+3.5) over Alabama - Because I predicted 6-7 for Alabama after the ULM loss.

Cal (-3.5) over Air Force - Too much speed.

USF (-6.5) over Oregon - No Dennis Dixon, no team.

Georgia Tech (-5.5) over Fresno St. - Too physical.

Kentucky (-2.5) over FSU - The Seminoles are only bringing half their team.

Okla St. (-4) over Indiana - Just a feeling.

Auburn (+2.5) over Clemson - No question.

Tennessee (-3) over Wisconsin - SEC over Big 10.

Arkansas (+3) over Missouri - Darren McFadden for a whole lot of yards.

Michigan (+10.5) over Florida - Heisman curse and people are overlooking a healthy Henne and Hart.

Texas Tech (-5.5) over Virginia - Al Groh.

USC (-14) over Illinois - Too much time to prepare.

Georgia (-7) over Hawaii - Hawaii's defensive line will be crushed.

West Virginia (+7) over Oklahoma - Chase Daniel is not Pat White. Look back at the bowl between UGa and WVa.

VT (-3.5) over Kansas - Reality check.

Rutgers (-10) over Ball St. - Ray Rice.

Tulsa (-5) over Bowling Green - Lots of points.

LSU (-4) over Ohio State - Speed.

Happy Bowl Season!

4 Responses:

Brien said...

I think if you got every one of those right, you might make it back to .500 for the season.

michael said...

I actually agree with most of those. The biggest two I dont agree with.

Oregon State (-5) over Maryland. The Pac-10 was underrated (as usual) this year and OSU has one of the best running backs in the country.

Ohio State (+5) vs LSU. I like LSU to win, but they aren't last years Florida team...I think this is a close game that goes down to the wire.

"ben" said...

I'm not making a prediction on the Michigan game. Let's just say I'm not delusional this time.

J-Red said...

We'll take care of Oregon State my friend. Second-tier bowl games are our specialty, and we're getting back a healthy O-Line for the first time all year.

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