January 14, 2008

Conference Championship Point Spreads

Watching the Giants finish off the Cowboys last night, I started looking ahead to next weekend's games and, of course, the spreads.

Next weekend we have two young and relatively unreliable quarterbacks going into very hostile environments against proven veterans. In the Chargers' case, we also have a coach with a reputation for running the two minute drill with both hands wrapped around his neck. How big would the spread have to be to get you to put money on either the Giants or the Chargers?

Last night I guessed that New England would be favored by 15 and Green Bay would be favored by 8. The only spreads I could find today (Sheridan and Covers.com don't have them up yet) are NE -14.5 and GB -7 at point-spreads.com

Vegas is predicting blowouts again this weekend. When is the last time there were two straight playoff weekends with no spreads under a touchdown? If New England wins, the Super Bowl will probably be the third weekend in a row (I can't imagine them giving less than a touchdown, even to Green Bay).

1 Responses:

J-Red said...

I think the SD/NE spreads are going to be fluid until we know for sure whether PhiLLLLip Rivers, LT and Antonio Gates are going to be able to play.

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