May 5, 2008

A National Embarassment

I was awakened this morning to a horrific song. Yes, every franchise has a song in its history which is downright embarassing, but the Nats' new theme song might take the cake. Click on the picture below for a listen.

Thanks to the Kirk & Mark Show on 105.7 FM in Baltimore for playing the song and thanks to Eliot in the Morning, 101.1 FM in D.C. for hosting it.

5 Responses:

Jeremy said...

I can report that gratefully they don't play that song at Nationals Park. It appears that song was written by somebody completely unaffiliated with the club and was not done in any official capacity. It's a horrifying song equal in cheesetasticness to the Lansing Lugnuts theme song. A very poor man's version of Meet the Mets.

Nic said...

Hahaha...that is grand. Even Blue's Clues Theme song is better than that.

michael said...

Lamest. Song. Ever.

big tuna said...

Not even close to the greatest theme song in the league. This one has stood the test of time:

Go get 'em, Tigers

"ben" said...

You gotta go nuts go nuts go nuts go nuts get nuts get nuts get nuts get nuts go nuts go nuts go nuts go nuts.


Still the winner.

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