October 19, 2009

Splashing Cold Water on 'Skins Fans

A popular sentiment amongst Redskins fans all day long on sports talk radio has been that somehow if we can force Dan Snyder to sell the team, things will get better. After all, people reason, he must be in reasonably dire financial straits given how he's been hemorrhaging money with his Six Flags investment, his Johnny Rockets investment, and his investment in Valkyrie and other sundry Tom Cruise flicks.

To those who think that suddenly buying one less Clinton Portis jersey or giving up their 2 season tickets might somehow push Dan Snyder over the brink and into financial destitute, I urge you to do one thing:

1) Go to Google Maps. Or, if you prefer, Google Earth
2) Type in 11732 River Road, Potomac Maryland 20854 (note, this is not his address but due to a quirk in Google, this is the address to type in to get a good view)
3) If in Google Maps, click "satellite view"
4) Look for the insanely huge house that is all the way down the access road right over top of the Potomac River.
5) Zoom in. No, that gigantic house that is right along River Road... that's not the "residence." Keep scrolling back, down the 1/2-mile long driveway, until you get to the house with the helicopter landing pad in back along the River.

Look... I found Waldo... dressed up and playing football coach!!

Now, we of course have no way of knowing how heavily mortgaged the residence is, but according to tax records, the house sits on a total of 13.53 acres over two tax parcels, and is appraised at a total of $14,921,950. In 2001, Dan bought the house for $8,640,000.00. He's made a tidy profit of just under $6.3 million on his house, alone.

Redskins fans, Daniel Snyder isn't going anywhere. Maybe he'll lie awake tonight, sleepless, and wander amongst the 100 rooms of his residence. Maybe his donation to B'Nai Israel Congregation will be a little bit less this year. But make no mistake - he's not going to be selling off the Redskins, no matter how much of a dent you think you can put in his pocket.

5 Responses:

Brien said...

Here's a good view of the house.

Jeremy said...

Excellent work, Brien.

BigGuNNer said...

Haha. Like Dan Snyder cares about the Redskins. That house is HUUUGE!! Anyway in case you didnt know your website was on ESPN 2's SportsNation ;)

MarkRos said...

Rx to Fix Redskins
1. GM: Ron Wolf. If he won't, use him to find one.
2. Cower or Billick as coach
3. Wear burgundy jerseys at home with GOLD pants.

gpb said...

I bet he has a vault where he surfs on all his money like Scrooge McDuck. Freaking huge house.

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