July 17, 2007

If Gibbs Wasn't Too Busy Mediating NASCAR Disputes...

Maybe he should have Vinny "I let the Danny win at racquetball every day to keep my job" Cerrato give a call to Daunte Culpepper's agent (located in the phone directory under D. Culpepper). Culpepper was released today by the Dolphins. If I'm the 'Skins, I give some serious thought to replacing Brunell with Culpepper as my backup QB. Now bear in mind, I have no idea how much veteran instruction Brunell gives Jason Campbell, and if it's substantial, maybe this would be a dumb idea. But given that Brunell was pretty estranged by the whole being benched situation, I doubt that he's been very helpful to Campbell. This is also contingent on Culpepper having his wheels checked out thoroughly by the Skins team doctors. It's entirely possible Culpepper's knees are only in slightly better shape than Barbaro's hooves circa June 2006. But if Culpepper's knees are in somewhat decent shape, and he's not going to take away veteran leadership and instruction from a young QB, I think you seriously consider whether a banged-up Culpepper is better than a banged-up Brunell as your backup QB. Culpepper would have some weapons at WR (better than he had in Miami in my opinion), and would have two excellent running backs to take the pressure off him should he actually have to step into the game.

2 Responses:

J-Red said...

Problems with this scenario:

1) Mark Brunell would pitch a bitch. The Skins are the last team he could even tote a clipboard for.

2) Jason Campbell would have hungry eyes over his shoulder. If Jason Campbell can ever be anything (and he can't), you definitely don't want Culpepper waiting for him to falter. You know Redskins fans love a QB controversy.

3) It'd take money. Culpepper is not signing anywhere he doesn't think he can start, whether due to injury or failure. Baltimore is a good fit. Oakland is a great fit. Detroit and Minnesota are great fits.

Brien said...

Yeah, I think a lot of teams are going to look at Culpepper. If he's in decent shape, he'll get starter money some place where he has a good chance to start. If he's really banged up, the Skins might be better off with Brunell.

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