July 17, 2007

Vick Indicted under Federal Law

Vick has been indicted under the federal law prohibiting interstate travel in support of dogfighting. I have been aware, since April, that Vick would be indicted, but I have to admit the federal charges are a surprise to me.

blahblahblahblahbl If you have herpes, do you still get raped in the ass in prison?

The federal law is basically state dogfighting law plus the added element of transporting dogs across state lines for the purpose of fighting. I have had insider knowledge about the investigation since April. My informant told me that Virginia would seek an indictment under state law, which this indictment in no way prevents. The federal government and the state government have "dual sovereignty" with regard to crimes for which both jurisidictions have laws against. Hence, the D.C. snipers can be tried in each and every state in which they shot, or shot at, someone, but they can also be tried federally for terrorism and gun possession charges.

My fantasy recommendation: draft Michael Vick after you pick up your RB's backup's backup.

1 Responses:

"ben" said...

I root for Michael Vick, but I never took him in fantasy before my I took my kicker's backup, backup. He never did become great fantasy value, unless you were counting stats from Madden '05.

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