July 19, 2007

Vick to Play Pending Outcome of Trial

ESPN.com is reporting that sources inside the NFL have told them that Vick will be allowed to play while his trial(s) play out. If I'm Pacman Jones' agent, I'm scheduling a press conference. Why is Vick, who faces jail time and fines, allowed to play, while Pacman, who faces lesser charges, is suspended for at least the season? Could it be that Vick sells approximately 1,000,000 times as many jerseys as Pacman? Perhaps it is that the Georgia income tax alone on Vick's salary and endorsements funds the salary of every high school band teacher in the state? Maybe the sight of an empty professional sports venue in Atlanta was more than the NFL could bear....oh wait, scratch that one.

blahjblahblahblahblahblah "You're dead to me Fredo!"

I can imagine Falcons' owner and former Home Depot CEO Arthur Blank's end of the conversation with Roger Goodell. "Hey Rog, we accidentally traded Matt Schaub and replaced him with Joey Harrington on the assumption that Michael Vick wasn't drowning dogs with his bare hands. Think you could help me out a smidge? I'll throw in all the Pergo flooring you'll ever need."

4 Responses:

"ben" said...

I'm sure their answer will be that Pacman was a repeat offender...not that Vick has a perfect record.

Even if they don't want to smack Vick with a 1-year suspension, it does seem strange that he wouldn't get some sort of suspension.

J-Red said...

But image-wise, a guy who is involved in strip club fights is nowhere near as bad as the dogfighting footage we're seeing on the news every night now.

Remember, that's Goodell's authority to suspend. It's "best interests of the league", and this dragging out (and it will for months) is not good.

Jeremy said...

Also, remember that what Vick may really get in trouble for is for flat-out lying to Roger Goddell. If there is any sort of finding of guilt, even anything short of innocence (including a mistrial), the NFL could hit Vick hard for saying to Goodell that he had absolutely no involvement in the dogfighting ring. If anything, it sounds like he was the straw that stirred the drink.

Benjamin said...

I have to admit that I'm genuinely enjoying the discovery that Marcus is the "good" brother. Shit, he was just tagging teenagers and getting high...

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