May 8, 2007

Big Papi Artificially Big

According to, Big Papi David Ortiz is "unsure" if he ever took steroids. My first inclination was to lambast him and call him a liar. Then I was going to post before and after pictures, something like this:
But alas, I couldn't do it to the man. I think, at this point, we should accept that a ton of players took performance-enhancing drugs of some kind. Rather than try to guess who did and who didn't, let's assume they all did and every team had their share of roiders. Yeah, the lifetime and single-season records don't mean anything, but outside of a cherished few records, who really cares?
Most importantly, let's compartmentalize this little scandal to the MLB.
God knows I don't want to know anything about anyone in the NFL who might have cheated a little bit.

7 Responses:

J-Red said...

Some more fast facts on David Americo Ortiz Arias.

First of all, his full name explains the switch from Arias to Ortiz on the baseball cards.

Second, he was born in 1975. That makes me sad as a dude born in 1980. He's already like $65M ahead of me.

Third, if you want a chuckle check out Ortiz/Arias' position on his rookie card. 1B/OF?!?! Yeah, I can see it now. Torii Hunter, Jim Edmonds, Corey Patterson, and David Ortiz.

Actually, I just looked up his career fielding stats. Playing at 1B almost exclusively (when he isn't DH-ing) Ortiz has started 140 games in the field (of 231 played in the field) and only committed 20 errors. His fielding percentage is .989.

Granted, 1B is the easiest position to play in my opinion, and the fielding percentage stats are inflated there, but still, that's not so bad.

J-Red said...

Now has an article reporting that the Mitchell Investigation wants medical records from Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro, in addition to those of former Orioles Jason Grimsley, Fernando Tatis, Jerry Hairston Jr., and David Segui.

What more proof do you need that steroids don't make a team any better? Since the new suspension rules were put in place, I'm fairly certain the Devil Rays have had the most players caught.

Brien said...

Chuck Klosterman made very similar argument about ignoring the steroid problem (I think, I can't remember the details of the column, and it's behind the insider wall now).

J-Red said...

Yeah, it's similar, though NFL focused. Of course, it's also nearly six weeks old. In the blogosphere that makes it public domain right?

Jeremy said...

The whole thing sadly is like chasing ghosts. The chemical labs will always be one step ahead. MLB and others are throwing millions at a UCLA study to derive a test that will detect HGH. As soon as they come up with that test, the labs will create a new strand of HGH.

michael said...

Excellent restraint, Jason. Good thing you didnt mention how Roger Clemens career was totally dead 11 years ago before he all of the sudden got better and had a second prime in his late 30s, and mysteriously waited 50 games to sign last season, when "coincidentally" the first penalty for a positive test now is 50 games. Who woulda seen that one coming?

Tez said...

Looking at the two pictures, his head appears just as big in the older picture. Post two pictures from Barry with the same number of years between them and look at the difference. Not that Ortiz didn't take anthing, but it's something to compare.

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