May 6, 2007

A National Crisis

Life is not good right now for all of us Washington Nationals fans. Not like life was ever going to be really good this season, but right about now, life is really friggin horrible.

1) Our "ace" (sorry... "#1 starter" is what Manny Acta told us to call him before the season began) is now on the D.L. and stated today that he has essentially pitched hurt the last two starts. Yes folks, amazing, but John Patterson, the only person in the major leagues less durable than Ken Griffey, Jr., is injured again, and out for at least a month. I had hoped he might make it to June or July until he got shipped to the D.L. and then for a few inevitable rehab starts in Harrisburg and Columbus. But wow... May 6... this is even quicker than I thought. Congratulations, John!

2) While we're on the topic of congratulating players for disappointing supporters of a team whom didn't think they could be disappointed any more because they had such low expectations to begin with, let's talk about our "closer," Chad Cordero. This man has now blown his fourth save in eight opportunities in the last three weeks. Just think about how tough this is to do normally, let alone to do for a team that has maybe 2-3 save situations per week. I was totally against trading him and thought that he was an essential young cornerstone of the franchise. But now the Nats are facing one of the worst questions any team can face... what do you do with a closer who starts failing you? Do you put somebody else out there and risk crushing that closer's already damaged psyche? Do you stick with that closer? Do you bust him down to AAA to pitch in some non closing situations there where the pressure isn't as high and he can focus on technique? Right now, I go with options 1 and 3... it's time to try 6'11" Jon Rauch as closer, and send Chad down to Columbus for a few non-save opportunities in AAA. But Jesus... the team's record now is embarrassing and it actually wouldn't be so bad if we had somebody in there who was at best a 50% shot of closing out the game when he comes in out of the bullpen.

2 Responses:

J-Red said...

I think comparing Patterson to Mark Prior might be more appropriate.

I think I remember someone saying before the season started that closers were fluky and a dime-a-dozen and that it was the most retarded position to try to build a franchise around. Oh yeah, that was me.

Jeremy said...

Well I got one answer on Dugout Chatter, the Washington Nationals' message board, where I posed the question about Cordero. Apparently they can't send him back to AAA because he is out of options and he would have to clear waivers to go to Columbus. No way that happens. I still say let Rauch take over some of the save opportunities and have Chief pitch some innings in blowouts just to get work in. God knows he'll have enough opportunity to do that.

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