May 8, 2007

Idol Recap 5/8

So brief recap because my work softball team went into extras tonight and I'm crazy exhausted after playing nine innings at shortstop. Oh yeah, we lost on a walk-off home run. Should've intentionally walked the guy. I'm captain, I blew that strategy decision, but anyway...

Jordin - Yeah, her second song, the Streisand number, had its problems. But Jordin is an amazing singer and was channelling some Kelly Clarkson in her first number. I think she's going to be the eventual winner because she's so damn charming, charismatic, and easy to love. Plus, her voice is quintessential pop.

Melinda - Really had an off night tonight. Starting to realize that she isn't all that versatile and all her songs sound like Tina Turner/Aretha Franklin. She still hits every single note like a pro and stays on tune. But if I'm the Idol execs, I'm praying she doesn't end up winning, because for her to put out a CD with 10 tracks on it would be like listening to Nine Lives by Aerosmith... you don't know whether you're listening to Track 2 or Track 8 because they all sound exactly the same.

Bl-a-ay-ay-ay-ay-ke - Dude... we know you can beatbox. Now cut it the hell out. It's to the point where it's getting in the way of your singing. Not a good idea on that second song to pick a song that nobody has ever heard of. You're going to have a pretty damn good selection to pick from as the only guy left in the competition. You already took your risk. Now is the time to just sit back, sing your songs, do your non-threatening guy thing, and let the teenybopper votes phone in. Very tempted to put you in the last category based upon your performances tonight but for your teenybopper votes.

Lakisha - Never good to be the person who Simon says is going to win it all at the Round of 24. She was set up to perform at a level that she can no longer perform at anymore, because I think the competition has taken a total toll on her. Tonight was the first night I ever understood what Simon was talking about when he talks about her yelling. And that version of Stayin' Alive was pretty terrible.

4 Responses:

J-Red said...

I pretty much agree except that I would say the whole show sucked without exception. Jordin and Melinda sucked least, and they likely had the most votes pocketed before the show ever started. I agree that they're safe.

I also think it's Blake or LaKisha. I'm going to go with Blake, especially since I was apparently the only person on the planet who liked his Bon Jovi cover of "You Give Love a Bad Name". This week the beat-boxing just sucked.

Brien said...

I agree that the entire show was a snoozefest. The big upset of the night was that no one (I'm looking at you, Jordin and Lakisha) sang "Emotions," the Bee Gees song that Destiny's Child remade a few years back.

Whoever ends up winning, Idol is still going to be counting on Kelly and Carrie to back up the "Search for a Superstar" tagline.

J-Red said...

DialIdol says Blake and Jordin are the only safe contestants for the second week in a row. We'll see how accurate it is if Melinda and LaKisha are the bottom two.

Brien said...

OK, so they did "Emotions" as part of a crappy Bee Gees medley with the four finalists singing. Whenever they have all the contestants singing together, it always sucks.

It did make me realize one thing, though:
Melinda = Kelly Rowland
Jordin = Beyonce

Jordin (and Beyonce) have 1000 times more personality and sex appeal, plus they have that "lead" sort of voice. If Jordin wins, she'll be lucky to have a Kelly Rowland type career: good voice, but should be a background singer.

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