May 6, 2007

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I just wanted to take a moment to point out that Brien nailed the exacta in his Kentucky Derby Preview last week. That's $101 on a $20 investment, a pretty good return.

I, on the other hand, put all my eggs in the Hard Spun basket. I was pleased that he got to the front so cleanly, but not so pleased when I saw he was ripping off internal fractions of 22 4/5 and 46 at the 1/4 and 1/2 mile marks. This would have been even cooler if he had just run Street Sense out the tunnel a la Bo Jackson

Still, we both did a pretty good job removing the wheat from the chaff in a crowded 20-horse field.
Now, on to the Preakness in beautiful northeastern Baltimore!

8 Responses:

Jeremy said...

Are you guys actually buying tickets to Preakness? Or going infield? Or not going at all? Damn Saturday exams at College Park... had one on Preakness Day each of my four years there.

Brien said...

Preakness is my favorite day of the year. And it's infield, all the way. Only losers sit in the grandstands.

I can't go this year, though. I can't risk getting the "I'm going into labor right now!" phone call when I'm drunk in the infield.

El Angelo said...

Great job gents; I lucked out with the exacta & the double with Sky Conqueror in the race before. On to Baltimore, where I don't like Hard Spun at all, and am intrigued by CP West at the moment.

J-Red said...

I can't go either. It's the day of the big Louisiana alumni crawfish boil in Alexandria. I invited my mother before I realized what day it was.

Anonymous said...

"Now, on to the Preakness in beautiful northeastern Baltimore!"

Did the Preakness get moved to Dundalk??? :)

Brien said...

"Did the Preakness get moved to Dundalk??? :)"

This is a sorry display of geography ignorance all around.

Pimlico is in Northwest Baltimore, and Dundalk is in Southeast Baltimore. Maybe you meant Hamilton? Or Overlea? None of them qualify as beautiful, though.

Anonymous said...

Yep, my bad! I could have said Parkville, but Dundalk sounds so much better :)

J-Red said...

More of a brain fart than geographical ignorance on my fart.

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