June 11, 2007

Home Schooling Works!!!

Above is CNN's riveting interview with this year's spelling bee champion. SURPRISE! He's home schooled. And he has the charisma to prove it. I think that the poor CNN anchor has been driven to drink by this interview.

4 Responses:

J-Red said...

Bring back Soledad and Miles! I still watch American Morning on CNN every morning, but the new combo of local newsgirl Kiran Chetry and Mr. Boring John Roberts is intolerable.

As for homeschooling, some would say that's how I got through law school.

michael said...

so if you home school a girl...is she less likely to become a coke snorting whore...or more likely?

J-Red said...

I think it's a toss-up. If she actually goes to a college with boys (doubtful), she might rebel and do whatever she thinks she needs to do to fit in.

Of course, the home-schooled boys just stay in their dorm rooms and play XBox Live all day. Then they make fun of me for being a noob. DAMN YOU SENSISTAR1984!!!

Ed Michaels said...

Home school kids actually learn something. Anyone who sends his kid to a public school these days is, in my opinion, a child abuser. We need to dismantle the public school system in this country. It would be a joke if it weren't such a disaster for our kids and the future of this nation.

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